SunYuan automotive grade multi-functional high-precision isolation amplifier won the national patent

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SunYuan  The ISO EM210 series analog signal isolation amplifiers are magneto-electrically coupled hybrid integrated circuits,The product adopts low cost, small volume DIP standard 38Pin metal shell package, can effectively shield the field EMC space interference, and with AD210 module Pin-Pin compatible. Multiple isolated DC/DC converter circuits and magneto-electrically coupled signal isolation circuits are integrated inside the module,So that the external only need to choose a DC 5V/12V/15V/24V single power supply, you can complete the analog signal input/signal output/auxiliary power supply three-terminal isolation amplification and conversion technology, and support for single-ended and positive and negative bi-directional DC signal input and output. The ISO EM210 is comprehensively designed with a non-fixed gain approach,The input signal is amplified by a preamplifier (with a gain of 1-100) at the input and goes to the internal modulator for modulation,Non-fixed gain input amplifier is convenient for users to configure and use flexibly according to the field working condition, users can realize gain variable application through external feedback gain resistor, etc. The modulated signal is transmitted to the output side through the transformer coupling, and then amplified and outputted after demodulation by the demodulation circu. The module's triple-isolation design structure allows the device to meet the signal input, signal output, and auxiliary power supply completely isolated by interrupting ground loops and leakage path measures, and suppresses common-mode voltages and noise, thus preventing degradation of the measurement accuracy and improving the accuracy and integrity of the measurement signals, making it ideal for single-channel or multi-channel signal isolation applications.ISO EM210 adopts the low-cost solution of magnetic coupling and is mainly used in the occasions where there is no special requirement for EMC (Electromagnetic Interference). The internal DC-DC isolated power supply, in addition to supplying power to the internal amplifier circuits,It can also provide a set of ±15V/±10mA regulated isolated power supply to each of the inputs and outputs outward for two-wire sensor power distribution or to provide the reference power supply for preamplification, signal bias, differential circuit and bridge circuit at the input. The products are able to meet the requirements of automotive grade field working environment with humidity, vibration and wide temperature range -40 ~ +125 ℃.

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