0-1A High Current Linear Control Isolation Amplifier|0-3A Linear Output Isolation Amplifier

  • 44、DIN 1X1 ISO PN-U(A)-P-O Series Analog Positive and Negative Output Linear Conditioning Control Isolation Amplifiers

  • A kind of input unidirectional or positive and negative bi-directional voltage and current signal isolation amplifier, converted into a linear proportion of the output of positive and negative bi-directional high current signal output type amplifier. Mainly realize the input signal for linear ratio conversion isolation amplification, to solve the problem of matching the input signal and drive ability is insufficient. The product consists of a set of high-efficiency regulated power conversion circuit, a set of high-precision isolated amplification conversion circuit and a set of power amplification circuit. Mainly used in the current signal or voltage signal drive ability requirements of high occasions, can also be used to drive solenoid valves, electromagnetic switches or high-power loads. The product adopts the standard DIN35 industrial rail mounting, widely used in robot control, CNC machine tools, energy saving and environmental protection, petrochemical industry, water industry, hydraulic transmission, industrial automation and other fields.


        SunYuan proportional regulation control high-power isolation amplifier is composed of various analog isolation amplifier circuits and high-precision power amplifier circuits, which is mainly used in proportional valves, precision temperature controllers, electric flow control valves, precision solenoid displacement gauges, and other occasions that require precision drive control of high-power loads. The product adopts standard DIN35 rail mounting mode, which can isolate and power amplify the analog output of PWM/4-20mA/0-10V/0-5KHZ/0-5KΩ/RPM/displacement/pressure/flow/temperature and other kinds of sensors, transmitters and PLC outputs, and output linear and high-precision analog large driving current such as 0-100mA/0-500mA/0-1A/0-2A/0-3A.

    The products are designed with small size and simple structure, low cost and high reliability, suitable for - 40 ~ + 85 ℃ industrial site. Widely used in electro-hydraulic proportional valves, CNC machine tools, robots, engineering vehicles, shipbuilding, petrochemical, water industry, hydraulic transmission, industrial automation and other fields.

Input Signal Classification Description 

1、Z-W : RTD temperature signal input 

      RTD type Z1: Pt100    Z2: Pt10      Z3: Cu100        Z4: Cu50                                      

      Input temperature range W1: -20-100°C     W2: 0-100°C     W3: 0-150°C     W4: 0-200°C     W5: 0-400°C     W8: User-defined


2、PWM : Pulse Width Modulation Signal Input       

      D1: 50Hz-99Hz PWM signal input            D2: 100Hz-0.9KHz PWM signal input 

      D3: 1KHz-9KHz PWM signal input           D4: 10KHz-19KHz PWM signal input                        

      D5: 20KHz-50KHz PWM signal input       D8: User defined


3、AC : AC signal input                                                   

      Input rated voltage value AC : 0~1Vrms

4、R : Electronic ruler, displacement signal input    

      R1: 0-50Ω R2: 0-100Ω      R3: 0-200Ω         R4: 0-500Ω 

      R5 : 0-1KΩ R6 : 0-2KΩ      R7 : 0-5KΩ          R8 : User-defined       R9 : 0-10KΩ

5、RMS : True RMS signal input    

      200RMS: 0-200mV;      1000RMS: 0-1000mV 

6、F : Frequency signal input    

      F1: 0-1KHz      F2: 0-5KHz      F3: 0-10KHz      F8: User-defined

Product Selection Example 

Example 1: Input/output isolated type; Input signal: 4-20mA; Output signal: 0-3A, max 4.5Ω; Auxiliary power supply: 24VDC 

Model No.: DIN 1X1 ISO A4-P-3A 

Example 2: Non-isolated input/output type; Input signal: 0-1KHz; Output signal: 0-2A, max 10Ω; Auxiliary power supply: 24VDC 

Model No.: DIN 1X1 SY F1-P-2A

Potentiometer Adjustment Instructions


Users can tell us the field application parameters before ordering the product, so that it can be adjusted and sealed according to the technical requirements at the factory. 

As shown in the figure: four multi-turn potentiometer knobs on the side of the shell, clockwise rotation adjustment decreases, counterclockwise for increasing. 

Zero calibration adjustment: given the minimum input signal, adjust the potentiometer knob to make the output current zero. 

Fullness calibration adjustment: Given the maximum input signal, adjust the potentiometer knob to maximize the output current. 

Rising Edge Response Time: Connect the oscilloscope to both ends of the output load, adjust the potentiometer and observe the rising edge time of the waveform. 

Falling edge response time: connect the oscilloscope to both ends of the output load, adjust the potentiometer and observe the falling edge time of the waveform.


Typical Application Examples 

Application 1: Direct input of sensor-transmitter signals such as 0-10V/PWM/0-10K/Pt100/0~1Vrms/RMS. 

In this application mode, the signal input, signal output and auxiliary power supply are 3000VDC triple isolated.

Application 2: Application mode in which the module's own distribution output of 10VDC is used with an external resistor or potentiometer to form an electronic ruler or bridge input. 

In this application mode, the ground (GND) of the signal input and the ground (GND1) of the power distribution output are connected to a common ground. Therefore, the signal input and signal output are 3000VDC isolated from each other.


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