Fixed Voltage Isolated Power Modules (Unregulated Output: A/B/D/E/F/G/H/VRF Series)

  • 2、B S/D-W1 /1W Series DC-DC Isolated Power Module with Fixed Voltage Input for RS485 Communication Interface

  • B S/D series (BXXXXS-W1/1W), 1KVAC isolated unregulated single output, output power: 0.1W ~ 1W. This micro-power, low-cost, small volume power supply module is mainly used for RS232/RS485, CAN bus, and other digital interface power supply isolation. In the security camera fast ball monitoring, PLC, DCS, MCU, computer 485 interface intelligent control and other industries widely used.

Fixed Voltage Input DC-DC Isolated Power Module for RS485 Communication Interface: B S/D-W1 /1W Series


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