Fixed Voltage Isolated Power Modules (Unregulated Output: A/B/D/E/F/G/H/VRF Series)

  • 4、D S/D-1W /2W Series Constant Voltage Input 1KV Dual Isolated Loop Output Distribution Power Module

  • D S series fixed voltage input unregulated 1KVDC dual isolated dual circuit output DXXXXS(D)-1W/2W, output power: 0.1W ~1W. the micro-power, low cost, small volume power supply module is mainly used for instrumentation, transmitters, CNC equipment, etc. need to be more than one distribution of power supply isolation of the occasions. dc-dc power supply module (modular power supply) typical applications, voltage polarity conversion, external Typical applications of DC-DC power modules (module power supply), voltage polarity conversion, the choice of external filter capacitors, overload and short circuit protection circuit and the use of series and parallel connection is described in detail. Correct use can extend the service life of the product to avoid interference, overheating, self-excitation, poor start-up and other phenomena and irreparable damage.

Fixed Voltage Input 1KV Dual Isolated Circuit Output Distribution Power Module: D S/D-1W /2W Series


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