Fixed Voltage Isolated Power Modules (Unregulated Output: A/B/D/E/F/G/H/VRF Series)

  • 6, F S / D-W1 / 2W series of low-cost single output 3KVAC isolated fixed voltage input power meter 485 interface isolation power supply

  • FxxxxS-xW power supply module RS485 interface DC-DC isolated power supply module is mainly used for RS232/RS485, CAN bus and other digital interface power isolation. Isolation voltage 3KVAC, widely used in power instrumentation, medical instrumentation computer bus RS485/RS232 interface intelligent control and other industries.DC-DC power module (module power supply) typical applications, voltage polarity conversion, the choice of external filter capacitors, overload short-circuit protection circuits and series-parallel use of the detailed description. Correct use can extend the service life of the product to avoid interference, overheating, self-excitation, poor start-up and other phenomena and irreparable damage.

Low Cost Single Output 3KVAC Isolated Fixed Voltage Input Power Meter 485 Interface Isolation Power Supply: F S/D-W1/2W Series


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