Regulated Output Isolated Constant Voltage Input Type Power Supply Module (IA/IB/VD Self-recovering Short Circuit Protection Series)

  • 9、IB-W25/2W Series Fixed Voltage Input 1KV Isolated Voltage Regulator Single Output Self-Recovering Short Circuit Protection Modular DC DC converter

  • IB S/D series modular power supply, fixed voltage input 1KVAC isolated stabilized single output, overload and short-circuit protection at the output, no-load voltage will not rise. Mainly used for automation equipment, CNC machine tools, parking lots, access control cards, etc., and computer control systems need to communicate with the RS232/RS485 interface lightning anti-interference power isolation.

Constant Voltage Input 1KV Isolated Regulated Single Output Self-Recovering Short Circuit Protection Module Power Supply: IB-W25/2W Series


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