J/K/T/E/R/S/B Type Thermocouple Signal to RS232 or RS485 Converter SY AD-08T Series-
Product Category: J/K/S Multi-channel Thermocouple Signal Converter
Input: Thermocouple Output: Digital signal
Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC Communication Port: RS232, RS485
Channel No: 1-2,1-4,1-6,1-8 Package: DIN Rail
Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: J/K/T/E/R/S/B Type Thermocouple Signal to RS232 or RS485 Converter
Product Description
8-Channels Thermocouple Signal to RS232/RS485 A-D Converter
SY AD08T Series Thermalcouples Signal A-D Converter
Model Selection:
Output: RS232/RS485.
① The model selection of SYAD08T series is just initial type of thermocouple which supports by the module. User can change the types of thermocouple by re-configurating the module through ASCII character command, then calibrate it.
② SYAD08T series modules support both RS232 and RS485 communication interface. User can choose the communication interface according to the application environment, and at the same time only one interface works,otherwise it may interference with each other.
Themalcouple A-D Converter Technical Parameter:
(typical @ +25℃,Vs is rated value)
Input: Thermocouple: J type: 0℃~760℃,K type: 0℃~1000℃,T type:-100℃~400℃,
       E type:0℃~1000℃,R type: 500℃~1750℃,S type:500℃~1750℃,B type: 500℃~1800℃
       (Input type can be set through software)
Accuracy: @+25℃ as shown in Table 1.
Input Imbalance: ±0.02 uV/℃
Temperature Drift: ±1 ppm/℃(±3 ppm/℃, Max.)
Input Resistance: 100 M Ω
Band width: thermocouple   -3 dB 3.27 Hz
Switching rate: thermocouple     3.76 Sps
Common mode restraint (CMR): 120 dB(1kΩ Source Imbalance @ 50/60 Hz)
Normal mode restraint (NMR):  60 dB (1kΩ Source Imbalance @ 50/60 Hz)
Input terminal protection: 240Vrms, sustainable
                           ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 transient protection
Cold Junction Compensation Sensor
Accuracy: @+25℃          ±0.25℃ (±0.75℃, Max.)
Accuracy: +5℃~+45℃     ±0.5℃ (Non-linearity ±0.0125℃/℃)
Communication:  RS-485 interface or RS-232 interface;ASCII character protocol and MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Baud rage(300bps、600 bps、1200 bps、2400 bps、4800 bps、9600 bps、19200 bps、38400bps)(can be set through software).
Address (00H~FFH)can be set through software
Response time: 100 ms Max.
Operation Power Supply:+8 ~ 50 VDC wide range power,internal anti-inverse connection and over-voltage protection circuit.
Power Consumption:≤1W
Operation Temperature:- 45 ~ +85℃         
Operation Humidity:10 ~ 90% (no dew)
Storage Temperature:- 45 ~ +85℃               
Storage Humidity:10 ~ 95% (no dew)                                    
Isolation Withstand Voltage: 3KVDC between input and output,1 minute,stray current 1mA, Output and power are common-ground
Endure Impact Voltage: 3KVAC, 1.2/50us(peak value)
Dimension:101 mm  x  23 mm  x  116.5 mm
Weight:about 120g
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