ISO CAN Series Low Cost CAN BUS Port Signal Isolation Module
Product Category: Charging Station CAN BUS Power Isolation Module
Input: Output:
Power: Isolation Voltage: 2500VDC
Package: DIP PCB-mounted Traffic Watch: times
Product Description
-2500V dual isolation between power supply, signal input and signal output terminal. 
-In compliance with ISO11898-24V standards, can connect max.110 nodes. 
-Transmission rate is up to 1Mbit/s. 
-With high anti-magnetic interference ability. 
-DC-DC converter embedded inside to protect CAN BUS. 
-Low cost, small size, high reliability. 
- Standard DIP 8pin , UL94V-0 flame-retardant package, 
-Industrial temperature range: - 40 ~ + 70 ºC 
-Anti-interference designed in Industrial site CAN BUS communicating port  
-GND wire interference suppression between power supply and signal channel in CAN BUS system. 
-CAN BUS signal data acquisition and isolation. 
-High precision signal data acquisitiion and anti-interference measuring in industrial site. 
-Signal control of intelligent devices in NC machine, parking lot. 
-Medical equipment, electric meters signal transmission and monitoring. 
-Signal communication in smart home control system.
CAN BUS Functional Block Circuit:
CAN BUS Typical Application Cicuit:
CAN BUS Typical Applications:
CAN BUS Dimension:
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