Universal low cost CAN bus isolation transceiver: ISO CAN
Product Category: Charging Station CAN BUS Power Isolation Module
Input: -- Output: --
Power: -- Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
Package: SIP8,SIP12 Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: CAN bus communication interface signal isolation module.
Keywords: CAN   BUS   Communication   interface   signal   isolation   module   power supply   power module   dc-dc   dc dc converter  
Product Description
●Power supply, signal input terminal and signal output terminal 3000VDC two isolation
●110 nodes can be connected, in line with ISO11898-24V standard
● Transmission rate up to 1Mbps
● It has high resistance to electromagnetic interference
● Built-in DC-DC module power supply anti-bus overvoltage protection function
● Built-in DC-DC can provide isolated power supply for other peripheral interface circuits
●Standard SIP 8 /SIP12 meet UL94V-0 flame retardant package
● Industrial temperature range:-40 ~ +85 ℃

Typical application:
● Anti-jamming design of industrial field CAN bus communication interface
● CAN bus system power supply and signal ground wire circulation interference isolation
●Multi-channel data acquisition of Car CAN bus signal anti-interference isolation
●Industrial fieldbus high-precision data acquisition and anti-interference measurement
●Industrial automation equipment, robot anti-tamper control
●CNC machine tool,intelligent parking lot bus 485 anti-interference control
●Power supply isolation for bus communication interface of medical instruments and power meters
●Intelligent city, smart home bus control communication interface isolation

   SunYuan ISO CAN is an isolated universal CAN bus transceiver module. The module has built-in CAN bus communication interface signal isolation and transceiver devices, which has the advantages of low cost, small size, and convenient use. Its main function is to isolate the logic level of the CAN bus controller into the differential level of the bus, and the isolation voltage is as high as 3000VDC during signal transmission.
   ISO CAN bus communication interface signal isolation module, which integrates DC-DC power isolation circuit, high speed digital isolation chip, CAN bus transceiver, bus communication protection circuit, etc. In the actual application of the industrial field, in order to prevent the loss or distortion caused by interference during the data transmission and reception process, it is necessary to properly isolate the entire communication circuit. Isolation prevents some modules in the circuit from interfering with each other. For digital circuits, high speed level conversion will bring a lot of noise, and the ground wire network will also lead into noise, so isolation is required. An isolation system must be considered from three aspects: power supply, ground wire network, and signal transmission line.
   The ISO CAN bus communication interface signal isolation module is easy to use and can realize the function of signal isolation and transmission. The 3KV isolation power supply between the input and output of its internal power isolation circuit, the output terminal has a long-term self-recovery overload short-circuit protection function, when the external communication line is short-circuited, the data acquisition communication workload changes greatly, or the CAN bus interface is suspended The output voltage has a small change and will not increase beyond the rated design voltage. It can effectively isolate the ground wire circulation interference, suppress the interference of the communication interface and enhance the antistatic protection function of the communication interface. The built-in DC-DC can provide a set of regulated isolated power supply for other peripheral interface circuits, especially for the industrial field CAN bus, RS232/ RS485 communication, Ethernet RJ45 communication and other interface power supply provide isolated power supply design. Products are widely used in car CAN bus control devices, industrial automation equipment, robots, CNC machine tools, parking lot intelligent control, smart home Ethernet Internet of Things communications, medical instruments, power meters, security data acquisition control and other industries.

Detailed technical information:

Recommended circuit for key port protection: 
 When the ISO CAN module encounters harsh environment applications, it is necessary to connect a protection circuit to the CAN interface to ensure that the module is not damaged and the bus communicates reliably, especially at nodes that are susceptible to interference. In addition, reliable grounding of the shielding layer is required when using shielded twisted wires. Single-point grounding is recommended.
Remarks: This recommended parameter is only a recommended value and needs to be selected according to the actual application on site. It is recommended to select PTC for R1 and R2, and fast recovery diodes for D1-D4.

CAN-bus typical connection diagram

A typical CAN-bus network is shown in the figure above. Each network can be connected to 110 single-channel ISO CAN isolation bus transceiver modules. The longest communication distance of the universal module is 10km, and the high speed module supports the lowest baud rate of 40kbps and the longest communication distance. 1km. If you need to access more nodes or a longer communication distance, it can be expanded through CAN interrupters and other devices.
Remarks: The bus communication distance is related to the communication speed and field application. It can be designed according to the actual application and refer to relevant standards. The communication cable is best to choose shielded twisted pair and try to stay away from the interference source. In long distance communication, the terminal resistance value needs to be selected according to the communication distance, cable impedance and the number of nodes.

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