Fixed Input, Unregulated Single Output DC Converter with short circuit protection BxxxxLS/D Series
Product Category: Fixed Volt.Input, Isolated and Unregulated Output
Input: 3.3,5,9,12,15,24 Output: 3.3,5,9,12,15,24
Power: 0.1,0.25,0.5,0.75,1,2,3 Isolation Voltage: 1000
Package: SIP Traffic Watch: times
Product Description
1W Fixed Input, Unregulated Positive Single Output DC DC Converter IC
BxxxxLS/D Series
BxxxxLS/D Series DC-DC Converter Features:
● Low cost, small size.
● high power density. 
● high galvantic isolation. 
● no heat sink required.
● Unregular single output.
● Fixed input
● 1KV isolation
BxxxxLS/D Series DC-DC Converter Applications:
● Electric Power System, Power monitoring,voltage conversion.
● dual power isolation in digital communication ports of RS232/485, CAN bus. 
● power supply isolation in intelligent control, security equipments, telecom,etc.
● safety isolation in ground loop elimination, medical equipments and instrument. 
● Isolation & power supply for analogue electric circuit ( Transmitter & sensors).  
● Power supply isolation & transfer for safety monitoring and smart building system. 
● Ground loop interference control. 
● Car electric circuit power isolation & distribution.                        
● Battery power supply, voltage transfer, power distribution.                       
● PLC, DCS,PC isolation regulated power supply.

SUNYUAN DC-DC Converters Application Guide

BxxxxL/S Series DC-DC Converter Specifications:


Output Specifications:

Technical Specifications

Technical Parameter

Testing Conditions

Voltage Stability Accuracy

+/- 5 %, max. 

1%-100% load range 

 Line voltage regulation

+/- 1,2 % / 1,0 % of Vin

full load 

Load voltage regulation   

+/- 8 %, load = 20 ~ 100 %


Ripple and Noise

75 mV p-p, max

20MHz band width 


109  Ohm 


Response Time



General Specifications:

Switch Frequency

125 KHz

Typical Value

Conversion Efficiency

70 % to 85 % 


Isolation Voltage



Temperature Coefficient

+/- 0,02 % / °C 


Environment Characteristics:

Operating Temperature

- 40° C to + 85° C 


Storage Temp.

- 55 °C to + 125 °C



Up to 90 %, non condensing


Cooling Mode

free air


BxxxxLS/D Series DC-DC Converter Typical Wiring:

BxxxxLS/D Series DC-DC Converter Dimension:

Note: Please download specification for details.
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