Wide Volt. Range Input, High Volt.Output Step-up DC-DC Converter GRB Series-(2:1)
Product Category: High Volt. Non-isolated and Regulated Output DC-DC
Input: 4.5~9,9~18,18~36,etc. Output: 80V,100,110,150,200,250,500,etc.
Power: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Isolation Voltage: 0.00
Package: DIP Traffic Watch: times
Product Description

2:1 Wide Volt. Range Input, High Volt. Output Step-up DC-DC Converter

GRBxxxxD-xW-A/B Series


    Sunyuan GRB Series Wide Voltage Range Input, Regulated High Voltage Outptut DC DC Converter adopts the advanced DC/DC conversion and pressor technology, the unique vacuum insulation and encapsulation technical design, the metal shield case, which have the following characteristics: moisture-proof, shockproof, high efficiency, low noise, low temperature drift, anti-EMC electro magnetic interference,etc. The modules are widely used in mine exploration, metallurgy, optical control technology, medical equipment, physical and chemical experimental analysis, etc. 


Technical Parameters:


Output Specifications:

Technical Specifications

Technical Parameter

Testing Conditions

Voltage Stability Accuracy


1%-100% load range 

 Voltage Regulation


full load 

Load Regulation



(No load to full load)

0%-100% load range

Ripple and Noise


20MHzband width 

Dynamic Response Speed


25% load-full load 

Response Time



Input Specifications:

Input Voltage Range

(12VDC)9 - 18VDC


(24VDC)18 - 36VDC


Linear Speed Rate


 low end- high end

General Specifications:

Switch Frequency


Typical Value

Conversion Efficiency

See Model Selection Guide


Isolation Voltage



Average Non-failure Interval Time

50000 hours


Temperature Coefficient



Environment Characteristics:

Operating Temperature

-40℃ - +85℃


Storage Humidity

-55℃ - +125℃


Relative Humidity

10% - 90%


Cooling Mode

free air




Dimension & PIN Definition:

( 1 )  A Model Dimension:25.4 x 25.4 x 10.14    Unit:mm     A Model Product No. GRBXXXXD- A bottom view

( 2 ) B Model Dimension:50.8 x 25.4 x 10.14    Unit:mm     B Model Product No. GRBXXXXD- B bottom view

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