Transmitter two-wire passive programmable control 4-20mA loop digital display: SY LED3
Product Category: Intelligent Current Signal LED Display Meter
Input: 4-20mA Output: Four LED digital tube display
Power: -- Isolation Voltage: --
Package: Panel embedded Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: 2-wire Passive Programmable 4-20mA Loop Display Meter
Product Description
Transmitter two-wire passive programmable control 4-20mA loop digital display: SY LED3


● Low cost modular design, easy to install in use.
●2-wire passive operation mode, no auxiliary power.
●High measuring accuracy, 4-digit display, ±2 digits.
●LED display panel, adapt to different lightness requirements.
● Small size, dimension φ47.6/38.0×16.6mm (H.:16.6mm)
●Industrial operating temp.: -25℃~70℃, high reliability.

● Sensor, transmitter operating status display.
● Industrial equipment monitoring or remote control
● Oil, chemical, environmental system monitoring.
● Temperature, pressure, flow, level signal monitoring and display.
●PLC, DCS system operation data acquisition and display.
●Developing meters & instruments, medical devices, industrial equipment.


SunYuan SY LED3 4-Digit 2-wire Passive Intelligent 4-20mA Current LED Display Meter input is passive signal, output 2 lines can be connected to the transmitter 4-20mA loop in serial. It can display decimal number correspondingly based on the settings through 4-20mA analog signal in the loop. SY LED3 series Display Meter is designed on the base of 2-wire passive mode; it measures the electric signal which can be used as the input signal and the operating power supply of the display meter. The meter operates without power supply, low cost, high precision, small size, so it is very convenience to use. The traditional analog display meter uses potentiometer to do adjust parameters, it is not convenience and very easy to be effected by temperatures. Compared with traditional analog display meter, the LED display meter is set by 2 buttons and controlled by CPU, the zero, span, decimal, alarm, delay time, etc parameters can be set by users, it is much more flexible and convenient in use. That display meter has use LED display board and operates in continuous voltage, in the 4-20mA measuring range, the display digits are in equal and stable brightness. It has anti-reverse connection, over-current protection and is widely applied in industrial site, oil, environment monitor, temperature, pressure, flow, level measuring, etc site and fields. In the actual applications, the LED display meter converts temperature, pressure, flow, level, etc physical quantity into 4-20ma signal, then connect with SY LED3 display meter, it displays the temperature, pressure, flow, level, etc physical quantity to provide convenience for user to monitor and control the industrial site. 
SYLED3 Display Meter is used to measure 4-20mA DC current signal, it does not need power supply and get power from 4-20ma current loop. The digits displayed are not the actual current value, it is the preset value of 4mA, 20mA, and displays the current valued measured based on the preset value in linearity method. E.g.: 4mA is set to 0, 20mA is set to 8000, then if input is 8mA, the meter displays 2000, input is 12mA, the meter displays 4000. If 4mA is set to 1000, 20mA is set to -1000, when input is 12mA, the meter displays 0, input is 16mA, the meter displays -500. The max. display range is 9999, that is four digits, min. Display range is -1999.
SY LED3 Digit Display Meter has alarm function and 2-channel isolated switch quantity output to realize timely display, controlling and alarm. The alarm function is realized by programming, and there are 2 pieces of PC452 land pad is reserved for customer use when alarm function is required. The display meter has 2 alarm points which can be set in up and down directions. The alarm target of the alarm point is the digit displayed, when there is alarm, the last decimal of the LED Meter is flashing, and the alarm signal is output through terminal which can drive the Optocoupler.
SY LED3 Dimension: Ф47.6/38.0×16.6mm, Height:16.6mm, the external shell is made of flame-retardant plastic. The meter is mainly used to display the sensors or transmitter or controlling meters signals.
The display meter panel perforation dimension: 33x20.5 +0.2mm
1. Do not connect input signal (current polarity) in reverse, otherwise it may damage the display meter.
2. Input current signal usually should be no more than 25mA, if input is up to 100mA, there is irreparable damages. In testing it with the current loop, 200Ω or larger resistance should be added in series in the loop to protect the display meters.
3. Do not use it in humid and corrosive environment, otherwise it will reduce the life-span or cause irreparable damage.

SY LED3 Display Meter Technical Parameters:
1. Using conditions
⑴Current: Rated range 3~22mA
    Limited range: less than 100 mA
⑵Temperature range: Rated range: -20℃~60℃
                                 Limited range: -40℃~70℃
⑶Relative humidity 20%~90%RH
⑷Shock & Vibration: meet industrial electronics environmental test II meters’ requirements.
2. Panel display method:
   Black LED digits and decimal display, digits height 10.1mm (0.40inch)
3. Four-digit Display Meter Setting Range:
   (1) 4mA:-1999~9999
     (2) 20mA: -1999~9999
4. Voltage drop:
   Voltage drop ≤3.2V, with over-current protection.
5. Polarity conversion: If lower than the zero limit, the meter display “-”, if higher than the zero limit, no polarity mark display.
6. Accuracy: linearity offset ±2 digits (to 2000 rated value).
7. Temperature error:≤50PPM/℃
8. Over-range display: “oHH” or “oLL”.
9. External Dimension: 35x22.5x17.5mm  Flame retardant housing shell.
10. Panel perforation dimension: 33x20.5 +0.2mm

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