Potentiometer Voltage sensor signal transmission LED digital display:DIN 1X1 ISO V-4-20mA(LED1)
Product Category: Passive Intelligent Isolation Amplifier with LED Display
Input: 0-75mV,0-2.5V,0-5V,0-10V Output: 4-20mA
Power: -- Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
Package: DIN35 Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: Potentiometer Voltage sensor signal transmission LED digital display
Product Description
Potentiometer Voltage sensor signal transmission LED digital display:DIN 1X1 ISO V-4-20mA(LED1)

Features :
● High-precision visual display output loop current value for on-site debugging and monitoring
● Four LED digital display, high precision, display resolution at the end of ± 2 words
● Programmable setting of two-way lower limit isolated switch alarm signal output
● Voltage signal transmission of displacement, potentiometer, bridge (weighing) detection circuit
● Analog DC voltage signal input such as 0-75mV/0-2.5V/0-5V/0-10V
● No external power supply, two-wire 4-20mA signal loop power supply output mode
● Provides input function to expand 5V (3.5mA) reference voltage source
● Accuracy grade: 0.1, 0.2, non-linearity <0.2% of full scale
● Signal input and output 3KVDC high isolation
● Frequency response (small signal bandwidth): 100HZ (Io=20mA)
● Low cost, small size standard DIN35 rail mounting
● Industrial temperature range: - 25 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
typical application :
● PLC/DCS directly obtains voltage signal from the sensor
● Signal input isolation and anti-interference between PLC input channels
● Ground loop isolation and interference suppression
● Pressure sensor signal acquisition and distribution
● Analog signal data acquisition isolation and long-line distortion-free transmission
● Power instrumentation, medical equipment monitoring isolation barrier
● Displacement, potentiometer, weighing signal acquisition isolation and control
● Sensor voltage signal acquisition isolation, transmission and display
● Industrial equipment operation measurement, monitoring and remote control
● Oil, chemical, environmental protection, mining system control point monitoring
● Temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level signal monitoring display
● Sensor, transmitter working status display

SunYuan DIN 1X1 ISO V-4-20mA (LED1) is an intelligent analog DC voltage signal to two-wire current loop display control isolation distributor, which is designed for the active load current loop loop power supply analog input interface matching design. The sensor voltage signal is collected, and the potentiometer, electronic ruler or displacement sensor signal input is isolated and converted into a two-wire 4-20 mA current loop circuit power supply output mode. The module uses high-efficiency loop stealing technology, so that the module does not need independent power supply. The two-wire loop power output mode can save two power cables, which greatly simplifies the user's design and reduces the user wiring cost. The product set display, alarm, isolation, and transmission are all in one, including voltage signal modulation and demodulation circuit, V/I conversion circuit, voltage reference circuit, signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, display and alarm control circuit. The input amplifier is powered by a high-efficiency loop-throwing DC-DC, which realizes the isolation of voltage and current to meet the needs of the user to achieve long-distance, distortion-free transmission without external auxiliary power. It is convenient for signal matching measurement, remote transmission, isolation, display and other functions. The product can provide 5V/3.5mA isolation reference voltage source to the input terminal, which is convenient for users to realize the distribution and voltage signal output collection function of voltage output distribution type sensor and bridge (weighing) detection circuit, internal integration process and The new technology isolation measures enable the device to meet the requirements of 3KDC insulation voltage and industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, vibration and harsh environment. The DIN 1X1 ISO V-4-20mA (LED1) series is very convenient to use. It adopts the standard DIN35 rail mounting design, which is convenient for users to install and use. The product can realize voltage and current conversion, isolation and signal display without any external components.
  DIN 1X1 ISO V-4-20mA (LED1) products are intelligently designed and have many functions that are not available in traditional products. The products are passive design solutions that can isolate the 4-20 mA analog output in the output loop. Send, and display it in decimal digits according to the set range. The two-wire passive type working mode does not require other auxiliary power supply, so the wiring is simple and convenient, small in size, high in precision, and low in cost. The traditional embedded analog display meter is adjusted by a potentiometer, and the adjustment parameters are single, inflexible, and greatly affected by temperature. Compared with the traditional analog display table, this intelligent digital display table is operated by two key combinations and controlled by the central processing unit CPU, which can realize setting of various parameters such as zero point, full scale, decimal point, alarm and delay. , with strong flexibility and practicality. The digital display meter adopts an LED display panel, and each section of the display panel is driven by a constant current to make the brightness in the range of 4-20 mA uniform, and has a reverse and overcurrent protection function. The products are widely used in industrial control, petrochemical, environmental protection, smart home, mining and other industries to monitor the temperature, pressure, displacement, flow, liquid level and other physical quantity control points.
  DIN 1X1 ISO V-4-20mA (LED1) products are mainly used to solve the problem of matching the voltage signal of the acquisition sensor with the receiving port of the two-wire current loop power supply circuit such as PLC/DCS, and to isolate and display the signal. Its embedded digital display is used to measure the 4-20 mA signal and can be directly measured on the 4-20 mA loop signal without external power supply. The displayed number is not a direct current measurement, but a preset value of 4 mA, 20 mA, and the measured current value is linearly displayed relative to the two preset values. For example: 4mA is set to 0, 20mA is set to 8000, then the meter will display 2000 when inputting 8mA, 4000 will be displayed when inputting 12mA; if the 4mA is set to 1000, 20mA is set to -1000, when inputting 12mA, the watch will be 0 will be displayed, and the table will display -500 when 16 mA is input. The maximum display range of the digital display is 9999, which is four digits; the minimum is -1999. At the same time, it has alarm signal output function with two isolated switch outputs, which can display, control and alarm on the spot. Two alarm points are set and there are positive and negative alarm direction settings. The alarm object of the alarm point is for the display reading. The last decimal point of the LED panel flashes during the alarm, and the alarm information is isolated and output by the digital optocoupler. For products that need to set the alarm function, the upper or lower limit alarm value and alarm mode can be modified by the programmer. For detailed setting method, please refer to the “Display Table User Manual”. Remark: The alarm signal is the OC gate (open collector) output. For the specific application, please refer to [Alarm Output and Application.

Prodcut Picture:

Alarm output and application:
1. The DC level signal generated by the two-way alarm signal in the main CPU chip is isolated and output by the optocoupler. The output low level indicates the alarm state, and the output high level is the non-alarm state.
2. Because the display controller is passive two-wire system, the minimum working current is 3mA, so the alarm signal is also very weak, the minimum is only 0.5mA. The signal is isolated by a phototransistor type photocoupler with a strong current spreading capability, and an open collector (OC gate) output is used. The output is connected to the pull-up voltage, and the current can be expanded up to 120mA. The principle of this phototransistor type photocoupler is shown in the figure below: the instrument signal is isolated by optocoupler, 5, 6 "1H /1L", 7, 8 "2L /2 H" wiring port is optocoupler OC gate The output end of the signal is connected to the external power supply circuit of the instrument, and further amplifies and energizes the alarm signal, and finally reaches an actuator that can drive the required sound, light, electricity, refrigeration, heating, and motor. 5, 6 "1H / 1L" is the first alarm output, 7, 8 "2L /2 H" is the second alarm output, "1H", "2H" connected to the phototransistor collector, "1L", "2L emitter.

3. Because of  the limitation of the maximum current of the phototransistor Ic, its expansion and driving load capacity is limited. If the user needs more driving current, it can be used to drive relays, solenoid valves, stepping motors and other devices on site, and can externally connect the power expansion circuit. The power amplifier tube or servo circuit is subjected to current amplification and special processing.
Order selection instructions:
Please read the entire contents of this manual carefully before ordering to determine whether the product meets the user's on-site application and is correctly selected.
1. The factory default setting of this product is set to “0.0” by 4mA and “200.0” by 20 mA.
2. When ordering, the user should first put forward the display specification requirements. We will adjust the digital display meter before leaving the factory, which is convenient for users to use directly.
3. When ordering, please indicate the type and parameters of the access signal: AC, DC, resistance (displacement, potentiometer), bridge (pressure, weighing), etc.

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