Panel embedded analog multi-function intelligent transmission digital meter:PIM LED7
Product Category: Active Intelligent Isolation Amplifier with LED Display
Input: 4-20mA,0-20mA,0-5V,0-10V Output: RS485,RS232,RS422
Power: -- Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
Package: DIN35 Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: Panel embedded analog multi-function intelligent transmission digital meter
Product Description
Panel embedded analog multi-function intelligent transmission digital meter:PIM LED7

● Visual display of online input or output signal values ​​for on-site inspection and operation
● High-precision four-digit LED digital display with ±2 words at the end of the display resolution
● Programmable setting of two-way lower limit isolated switch alarm signal output
● Accuracy class: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, non-linearity <0.2% of full scale
● Built-in multiple protection circuits, free to send input and output signals
● Auxiliary power supply, isolation between analog input and output
● Auxiliary power supply: single power supply mode such as 5V, 12V, 15V, 24VDC
● Analog voltage and current signals, electronic scale / angular displacement resistance signal, PT100 thermal resistance temperature signal, frequency pulse signal,
    Isolation, amplification, and display and control between signals such as AC RMS
● Industrial temperature range: -40 ~ +85 °C
typical application :
● Analog signal isolation conversion, transmission amplification and monitoring
● Industrial field analog signal detection, isolation and long-distance transmission
● Analog signal ground line interference suppression and acquisition isolation
● Instrumentation and sensor signal transmission and reception and monitoring
● PLC, DCS field analog signal isolation detection
● Inverter signal remote anti-interference and distortion-free transmission
● Power monitoring, medical equipment isolation barrier
● Industrial equipment operation measurement, monitoring and remote control
● Oil, chemical, environmental protection, mining system control point monitoring
● Temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level signal monitoring display
● Sensor and transmitter working status display and control
● Single chip microcomputer control signal isolation amplification and display control
● Low cost, small size standard panel embedded installation

SunYuan Panel Embedded PIM LED7 Series Analog multi-function intelligent transmission digital meter, embedded with two multifunctional boards with basic functions and extended functions. It can realize multiple functions of industrial field analog signal isolation transmission, conversion amplification and display control.
1. Analog multi-function intelligent transmission digital meter can isolate, convert, and display various analog signals of industrial field sensors, PLC, PC, MCU and transmitter. These signals include analog voltage and current signals, electronic scale/angular displacement resistance signals, PWM pulse width modulation signals, frequency pulse signals, PT100 thermal resistance temperature signals, and AC true RMS signals.
2. It can realize three isolation between input signal, working power and output signal or low cost two isolation scheme between signal channel and working power supply.
3. Through the extended function of AD/DA conversion, the industrial field (4-20mA/0-5V) analog isolation is converted into the RJ45 signal of the bus RS232/RS485 or Ethernet IoT, and the bus RS232/RS485 signal can also be converted. It is an analog signal, which is convenient for the computer to carry out intelligent monitoring of networking.
4. The intelligent transmission digital meter can be integrated with analog isolation amplifier and isolation transmitter module of multi-type IC package. These modules are divided into active (external working power supply) and two-wire passive products. The active type can provide 5v, 12V, 24V reference source output or isolated power distribution output to the outside of the instrument, which is convenient for on-site two-wire, three-wire passive sensor or weighing measurement bridge expansion application. Passive type can realize industrial field two-wire 4-20mA current loop signal remote isolation feed, conditioning control and VI, IV passive conversion function.
5. The intelligent transmission digital meter has two optical isolation switch outputs (OC door open output), which can be used as control signals or alarm signals of external devices.
6. The display panel adopts four-digit LED intelligent digital display meter, which displays the transmission signal linearly correspondingly according to the set range. The decimal point can be freely selected, and the display data can be selected from the input or output analog signals. item.
         PIM LED7 Series Panel embedded analog intelligent transmission meter adopts digital tube LED as the display panel. The product adopts intelligent design and has many functions that are not available in traditional products. The analog signal can be isolated and transmitted only by a single power supply, and displayed in decimal digital quantities according to the set range. The traditional embedded analog display meter is adjusted by a potentiometer, and the adjustment parameters are single, inflexible, and greatly affected by temperature. Compared with the traditional analog display meter, the intelligent digital display table of this instrument configuration is operated by two key combinations, which are controlled by the central processing unit CPU, and can realize various parameters such as zero point, full scale, decimal point, alarm and delay. The setting has strong flexibility and practicality. The digital display adopts an LED display panel and has reverse and overcurrent protection functions.
        PIM LED7 series products are widely used in robots, industrial intelligence, rail transit, new energy equipment, medical instruments, power meters, petrochemicals, environmental protection, smart home, building intelligence, mining machinery and other industries on temperature, PWM, frequency Monitoring of physical quantity control points such as pressure, displacement, flow, and liquid level.

Selection example:
Example 1, panel embedded installation; input: 0-5V; auxiliary power supply: 24VDC; output: 0-10V; display and range: 0.0~100.0/LED7.
            Model: PIM- ISO U1-P1-O5 -LED7 (display range note: 0.0~100.0)
Example 2, panel embedded installation; input: 0-10mV; auxiliary power: 24VDC; output: 4-20mA; power distribution 5VDC; display range: 40~500.
            Model: PIM –ISO U10-P1-O1-S4-LED7 (display range note: 40~500)
Example 3, panel embedded installation; input: 4-20mA; auxiliary power: passive; output: 4-20mA; display and range: 4.00-20.00 / LED7.
           Alarm setting: the first way is less than 4.00 alarm, the second way is greater than 20.00 alarm. Product model: PIM-ISO 4-20mA-LED7
         (Display range note: 4.00-20.00; alarm setting: the first way is less than 4.00 alarm, the second way is greater than 20.00 alarm.)

PIM LED7 series The panel embedded intelligent transmission meter is made of flame-retardant plastic case, dimensions: 96×48×74 mm
                                                                                           Panel mounting opening size: mm    

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