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Small Size PWM Pulse Width Signal Conversion High Precision Isolated Transmitter IC:ISOS D-P-U
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Input: PWM pulse width modulation signal, 50Hz-99Hz, 100Hz-0.9KHz, 1KHz-9KHz, 10KHz-19KHz, 20KHz-30KHz Output: 0-2V,0-2.5V,0-3.3V,0-5V,0-10V
Isolation Mode: Photo-electric Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
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Remarks: Small Size PWM Pulse Width Signal Conversion High Precision Isolated Transmitter IC
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Small Size PWM Pulse Width Signal Conversion High Precision Isolated Transmitter IC:ISOS D-P-U

● PWM pulse width signal input, 0-5V/0-10V and other analog voltage signal output
● PWM signal 30Hz~30KHz wide frequency input, sensitive and fast response
● Extremely high conversion accuracy and linearity in full scale (non-linearity <0.2%)
● Signal input and output 3000VDC two isolation
● The power supply voltage only needs to be higher than the output signal voltage value of 3VDC or more.
● Ultra-small volume (19.6 X 6 X 10mm), error level: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5
● SIP7 Pin standard PCB board mounting, in accordance with UL94V-0 flame retardant package
● Strong anti-EMC electromagnetic interference and high-frequency signal spatial interference characteristics
● Industrial temperature range: - 40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
Typical application :
● PWM pulse width modulation signal transmission, isolation and long-line transmission
● PWM signal is converted into analog quantity for linear precision control
● Ground loop interference isolation suppression of analog and digital signals
● Automatic selection and adjustment of industrial boiler furnace temperature and precise control
● PWM control circuit to build DA converter system
● Process control and precision monitoring of industrial automation equipment
● PWM signal turns 0-5V/0-10V and other analog signal isolation conversion one in one out, two in two out
Three-in, three-out and other multi-channel transmission functions (implemented by multiple IC module combinations)
        SunYuan ISOS D-P-U series products are the industry-leading small-sized (SIP7 Pin) low-cost PWM pulse width modulation signal isolation transmitter IC developed by Shunyuan. The duty cycle of the inverter, single-chip microcomputer, PLC/DCS, and instrumentation internal PWM square wave signal can be isolated and converted into standard 0-5V/0-10V analog signals to realize single-chip PWM signal DA conversion isolation amplification and transmission. control function.
        SunYuan ISOS D-P-U series products are especially suitable for DA conversion isolation transmission of industrial field PWM pulse width modulation signals, single chip microcomputer, field bus, Ethernet Internet of Things, PLC/DCS host computer for multi-channel sensor signal acquisition analysis and control. The internal SMD process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve: 3000 VDC isolation of PWM signal input and analog signal output. And it can meet the requirements of industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, vibration and harsh working environment. Due to the volume limitation, the internal power supply of the product is not boosted and isolated, so the voltage value of the power supply to the product must be higher than the signal output voltage value of 3VDC or more. (For example, the output signal is 0-5V, the power supply voltage needs more than 8VDC, and the 9VDC or 12VDC power supply is optional). If the user needs the signal to be completely separated from the working power supply or the user's power supply voltage is lower than the signal output voltage, the company's IBS series of isolated power modules can be used to supply power, or directly use the company's ISO D-P-O-Q series products.
        SunYuan ISOS D-P-U series products are very convenient to use, and can realize the isolation and transmission of PWM signals and analog signals without any external components. The ultra-small (19.6X6.0X10mm) and standard PCB board mounting design of the 7-pin single-row in-line is designed to simplify the user system design options and reduce the volume of the product. Realize the miniaturization design requirements of user terminal products.
Product block diagram:

Product selection example:
Example 1: PWM pulse width signal input: 20KHz square wave; auxiliary power supply: 12V; signal output: 0-5V;
            Corresponding product model: ISOS D5-P2-U4
Example 2: PWM pulse width signal input: 1KHz square wave; auxiliary power supply: 5V; signal output: 0-2.5V;
            Corresponding product model: ISOS D3-P3-U2

Typical application example:

IC package product dimensions and PCB layout reference size:

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