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Analog Signal to PWM Programmable Isolated Transmitter IC:ISO U(A)-P-D-Q
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Input: 0-1mA,0-10mA,0-20mA,4-20mA,0-±1mA,0-±10mA,0-±20mA,0-5V,0-10V,0-75mV,0-2.5V,0-±5V,0-±10V,0-±100mV,0-10mV Output: PWM pulse width adjustment signal, 10Hz-99Hz, 100Hz-0.9KHz, 1KHz-9KHz, 10KHz-19KHz, 20KHz-50KHz
Isolation Mode: Photo-electric Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
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Remarks: Analog Signal to PWM Programmable Isolated Transmitter IC
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Analog Signal to PWM Programmable Isolated Transmitter IC:ISO U(A)-P-D-Q

● 4-20mA/0-10V to PWM signal is sensitive and fast response
● Extremely high linearity over the full range (non-linearity <0.5%)
● Auxiliary power supply and signal input and output 2500VAC three isolation
● Auxiliary power supply: 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V DC single power supply
● Low cost and ultra-small size, SIP-12 meets UL94V-0 flame retardant package
● Strong anti-EMC electromagnetic interference and high-frequency signal spatial interference characteristics
● Industrial temperature range: - 40 ~ + 85 °C
Typical application :
● Analog signal transmission, isolation, long-distance transmission
● Industrial field PLC control and inverter control
● Industrial field motor control and lighting control
● Ground interference suppression
● Automatic selection control of industrial boiler temperature
● PWM construction AD converter
     SunYuan ISO U(A)-P-D-Q series products are Shunyuan's newly developed industry-leading small-size (SIP12 Pin) low-cost programmable control isolated transmitters. The analog signal output from the sensor, instrument, and transmitter can be isolated and amplified, AD converted into a PWM square wave signal, and pulse frequency control programmable output can be realized. Sensors, transmitters, instrumentation and control equipment can be embedded in the IC, PLC/DCS to form an Ethernet/Internet of Things, RS232 bus network and network communication, and upgrade the traditional control equipment on site to industrial intelligent equipment. It is convenient for users to remotely monitor.
     SunYuan ISO U(A)-PDQ integrates multi-channel high isolation DC/DC power supply, analog amplification and conversion circuit, programmable MCU, signal isolation control circuit, etc. in the same module, especially suitable for AD isolation of industrial field analog signals. Send, field bus, Ethernet Internet of Things, PLC / DCS host computer to multi-channel sensor signal acquisition and analysis. The internal integrated high-efficiency DC-DC isolated power supply supplies power to the internal input conditioning circuit, the micro-single-chip AD conversion circuit, and the output signal isolation circuit. SMD process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve: 2500VAC three isolation of auxiliary power supply and analog signal input, PWM signal output, input signal and communication serial port. And it can meet the requirements of industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, vibration and harsh working environment.
     SunYuan ISO U(A)-P-D-Q series products are very convenient to use, and can realize the isolation and transmission of analog signals and PWM signals without any external components. The ultra-small 12-pin single-row (33.0X15.5X10.5mm) and standard PCB board mounting design simplifies user system design options, reducing size and wiring costs. The product has an IC package mounted on the PCB, DIN35 standard rail mounting and PIM panel display embedded installation. The DIN rail mounting method enables signal transmission in and out of the transmission. The PIM panel embedded intelligent transmission table can realize various functions such as sensor analog signal isolation display, alarm control and long-distance distortion-free transmission. Widely used in metallurgical mining, petrochemical, power equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation, new energy facilities and military research, users can choose the right products according to the needs of the site.
Block diagram:

Product selection example:
Example 1: Signal input: 0-5V; Signal output: 5KHz square wave; response time of 100mSec; auxiliary power supply: 24VDC;
            Corresponding product model: ISO U1-P1-D3-Q01
Example 2: Signal input: 0-20mA; signal output: 25KHz square wave; 500mSec response time; auxiliary power supply: 12VDC;
             Corresponding product model: ISO A3-P2-D5-Q05
IC package product form factor and pin function description

Typical application wiring diagram:

Remarks: The IC module communication port comes out at a level of 3.3V TTL. If there is no USB to TTL (3.3V) level shifter on the customer's hand, only USB to 232 line or 232 to 232 line, then the customer uses us. When the IC module is used, the level conversion chip MAX232 or SP3220E must be added to convert the TTL level of the IC module to 232 level (15V) and then to the conversion head. The schematic is as follows:

Application 1: Current amplifier to enhance the PWM drive load capacity.
The PWM module itself outputs a PWM signal with an amplitude of 5V and a current drive capability of 100mA.
If the customer wants to change the amplitude or expand the current drive capability, he can externally amplify the power amplifier circuit. The reference circuit is as follows (for reference only):

Application 2: The analog signal output from the sensor and transmitter is isolated and converted into a PWM signal, and the CAN bus module is used for remote distortion-free transmission.

Application 3: The analog signal output from the sensor and transmitter is isolated and converted into a PWM signal to regulate the DC motor speed.

Application 4: The analog signal output from the sensor and transmitter is converted into PWM signal by ISO U-P-D-Q isolation, transmitted remotely through ISO CAN module, and then restored to analog signal by ISO D-P-O-Q.

DIN35 rail mounting type typical application wiring diagram:

DIN35 rail application 1: The analog signal output from the sensor and transmitter is converted into PWM signal by DIN1X1 ISO U-P-D-Q isolation, transmitted remotely through ISO CAN module, and then restored to analog signal by ISO D-P-O-Q.

PIM panel embedded installation method isolated intelligent transmission table
       SunYuan PIM-ISO U-P-D-Q-LED7 series panel embedded analog isolation transmission meter adopts intelligent design and has many functions that are not available in traditional products. The intelligent transmission table converts the standard analog quantity into a 0%-100% duty cycle output and displays the analog quantity in a set range, linearly correspondingly in decimal digits. The embedded intelligent digital display table is operated by two key combinations and controlled by the central processing unit CPU, which can realize various parameters such as zero point, full scale, decimal point, alarm, delay, etc., and has strong flexibility. And practicality. The intelligent transmission table is embedded with two multifunctional boards with basic functions and extended functions. The output of the product is mainly designed for DC motor and stepper motor speed regulation and industrial field lighting brightness adjustment. The product can not only be powered after normal power-on. Output 0%-100% PWM signal, can also display the speed of the motor or the brightness of the light in real time, practical and intuitive, and the communication interface can communicate with the computer through the USB cable, the user can according to their own The actual situation connects the communication interface with its own industrial system configuration to realize intelligent data management. The internal integrated process and new technology isolation measures enable the device to meet the 2500VAC isolation voltage and industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, vibration and harsh environment requirements. This new generation of low-cost, small-volume, multi-functional intelligent isolation transmitter instrument has many functions such as industrial field signal conversion, anti-interference isolation, display control, etc. It is widely used in motor speed regulation, lighting regulation, metallurgical mining. , petrochemical, power equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation, new energy facilities and military research.
       PIM-ISO U-P-D-Q-LED7 products are mainly used for isolation transmission and display control of analog voltage and current signals, and are used more in the field of motor speed regulation and lighting adjustment. The embedded digital display meter is used to measure the input voltage and current signals. Since the signals are linearly corresponding, the physical quantity to be monitored by the user can be indirectly displayed, such as the speed of the motor, the brightness of the light, the flow rate of the liquid level, and the duty of the PWM. More than that, it also has an output alarm control function. The embedded digital display shows not the direct signal measurement value, but the preset value of the signal. The zero and full scale values ​​of the measured signal are linearly displayed relative to the two preset values. For example: signal input 4-20mA, 4mA is set to 0, 20mA is set to 8000, then the watch will display 2000 when input 8mA, 4000 will be displayed when input 12mA; and if the 4mA is set to 1000, 20mA is set to -1000 When the input is 12mA, the watch will display 0. When the input is 16mA, the watch will display -500. The maximum display range of the digital display is 9999, which is four digits; the minimum is -1999. Its alarm function with two isolated switch outputs can display, control and alarm on the spot. The two alarm points set have positive and negative alarm direction settings. The alarm object of the alarm point is for the display reading. The last decimal point of the LED panel flashes during the alarm, and the alarm information is isolated and output by the digital optocoupler. For products that need to set the alarm function, the upper or lower limit alarm value and alarm mode can be modified by the programmer. For detailed setting method, please refer to the “Transfer Table Software Setting Description” on the following page.
Remark: The alarm signal is the OC gate (open collector) output. For the specific application, please refer to the [Alarm Output and Application] on the following page.

PIM smart meter typical application wiring diagram:

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