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Double Loop isolated output High Voltage DC/DC Power Module
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Input: 5V,9V,12V,24V DC Output: 50V,80V,100V,110V,125V,250V,300V DC
功率: 1W-5W Isolation Voltage: 6000VDC
Package: SIP 12Pin Updated: 2020-04-29 16:46:22
Remarks: 6KVDC DC-DC Converter with high isolation and double loop high voltage output:GRE series
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      SunYuan the newly developed GRE series of low cost, small size, wide voltage input isolation and regulated dual loop output high voltage module power is an high voltage DC-DC converter in the leading position of the field. This item can operate safely in a wide range of unstable power supply voltage input environment, and can generate isolated and regulated DC high voltage dual loop output through the internal adjustment circuit of the module. GRE series new products adopt SIP 12Pin (single row 12 feet) small size module design, low cost integrated technical solutions make the product have higher DC/DC conversion efficiency and self-recovery overload short circuit protection voltage regulator output function. The wide creepage distance of product's internal and new isolation technology design solution make this high voltage module power supply with 6KVDC isolation between the input and output. And 6KVDC isolation between output loop 1 and loop 2,this technology can effectively isolate the influence of the common mode interference signal from the primary device on the control system,also can effectively isolate the ground loop circulation crosstalk between the primary and secondary ends of the power supply, it can effectively protect the safety threats of equipment and operators by the high voltage potential difference between different ground terminal in power equipment and medical instruments. Products are widely used in power equipment, medical instruments, laser power supplies, ultrasonic instruments, communication facilities, petrochemical industry and mine explosion-proof equipment etc. 

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