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DC-DC Converter/ ISO Series Isolation Amplifier/Transmitter


Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to design and produce DC-DC Converter and ISO series Isolation Amplifier, Signal Converter, Isolation Transmitter.


l  DC-DC converters:

All products meet the industrial level for the extremely hostile environment as temperature, humidity and shaking conditions. Power output from 0.1W to30W in international standard pins out.


A/B/D/E/F/G/H Series ----Fixed Voltage Input, Isolated and Unregulated Output Series
IA/IB Series ----Fixed Voltage Input, Isolated and Regulated Output Series
VA/VB/VD/VE/VF/WRE/WRF Series----Wide Voltage Input, Isolated and Regulated Output Series
DW/DKW/WRA/WRB Series ----Wide Input (2:1), Isolated Regulated Output Series


Power range: 0.1-30W

Input voltage (Vin): 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 24VDC fixed voltage or wide voltage

Output voltage (Vout): 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 24VDC fixed, regulated or unregulated voltage

Output type: single (+ or -), dual (+/-), double (+&+) and triple output

Regulated voltage accuracy(%): 1, 2, 5
Isolation voltage: 1000VDC, 2000VDC, 3000VDC, 5000VDC, 6000VDC
Package: Dual in Line (DIL) and Single in Line (SIL)

l  Isolation Amplifiers:
ISO 4-20mA Series ---SIP12, 4-20mA (0-20mA) current loop signal isolator/regulator

ISO A-P-O Series ---SIP12, DC current signal (I/I, I/V) isolation amplifier /transmitter

ISO U-P-O Series---SIP12, DC voltage signal (V/I, V/V) isolation amplifier /transmitter

ISO 1001 Series--- DIP24 DC bi-directional (0-5V, 0-10V) or AC signal isolation amplifier /transmitter             

ISO 1002 Series-- DIP24 (0-10mV/0-20mV/0-75mV/0-100mV) small signal isolation amplifier/transmitter

ISO 1003 Series --- DIP24, 4-20mA (0-20mA) current loop signal isolation amplifier/transmitter

ISO AC-P-O Series --- SIP12 single-phase AC signal 0-1Vrms input and current and/or voltage output isolation amplifier/transmitter

ISO N AC-P-O Series ---DIN Rail 3-phase 0-10-500VAC voltage signal or 0-500mA-30A current signal isolation amplifier/transmitter

ISO W-R/Z Series---DIN Rail thermal couple/thermal resistor) signal isolation transmitter

ISO U-P-F Series ---DIN Rail Voltage to impulse frequency isolation transmitter

ISO A-P-F Series ---DIN Rail Current to frequency isolation transmitter

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