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Energy Economized,Anti-Explosion:Two Wires 4-20mA Power Distribution

Two Wires 4-20mA Isolation Amplifier: ISO 4-20mA-F


l  Direct to use without any external components linked.

l  Energy Economized and Anti-Explosion

l  Power Two wires Inductor (16-21.5V)

l  High Accuracy (0.1, 0.2, 0.5) within 4-20mA 

l  High Linearity (Non-linearity0.2%)

l  Low Cost, Miniature, 4-20mA Signal Input,              

l  International Standard SIP 12 Package, Flaming Retardant.

l  Frequency Response (small signal bandwidth): 2KHZ (Io=20mA)            

l  Temperature Range: -40°C~+85°C

Typical Application:

l  Two Wires 4-20mA Signal Isolation, Transmission and Power Distribution.

l  PLC, DCS Local Analog Signal Isolation.

l  Industrial Local Bus 4-20mA Signal Isolation, Anti-Explosion and Transmission Interference Elimination

l  Analog Signal Ground Loop Isolation and Interference Elimination.

l  Analog Signal Remote Transmission With Little Distortion.

l  Instrumentation and Measurement Signal Sending, Receiving and Isolation Controlling.

l  Electric Power Monitoring,

l  Medical Equipment Isolation Safety Bar. 

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