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0-+/-10VDC or 0-5V AC Signal Converter: ISO 1001


l      Low Cost and High Accuracy: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5

l      3-port Mutual Isolation 3KVDC.

l      Automatically Recovery and Overload Protection

l      0-±10VDC or 0~5VAC Isolated Signal Magnification

l      High Linearity (Non-linearity<0.2%)

l      Frequency Response (Weak Signal Bandwidth): 0~40KHZ (1001B)

l      Miniature, 24Pin DIP

l      International Standard UL94-V0 Package

l      Flaming Retardant

l      Temperature Range: -40°C~+85°C

 l    Fix up: PCB Soldering or DIN 35  Rail-mounted.

 Typical Application:

l        Analog Signal Ground Loop Isolation and Interference Elimination.

l        Analog Signal Remote Transmission With Little Distortion.

l        Instrumentation and Measurement Signal Sending, Receiving and Isolation Controlling.

l        Electric Power Monitoring,

l        Medical Equipment Isolation Safety Bar. 

General Description:

ISO 1001 Series Isolation Amplifier is a kind of complex integrated circuit incorporated by a set of multi-channel high isolated DC-DC and high accuracy linear opto-coupler in a single chip. It is convenient to use only by connecting a few external components to realize the remote isolation and interchanging of the analog signal. To meet the requirements of 3-port 3KV isolation among the signal input, output and embedded power, the wider operating temperature range, humidity and quiver, we adopt the fully SMT ceramic PCB, printed resistor techniques and the latest techniques.

ISO 1001 Series Isolation Amplifier includes two categories: Active (Embedded DC-DC Power Supply, e.g.: ISO 1001) and passive (No embedded Power Supply, e.g. ISO 1002). Regarding on Active ones, for the expanded use of external circuitry, not only can power the circuit itself, but also be able to provide the external (signal input and output) two groups of isolated positive and negative power supply and 5V regulated reference power. For instance, the Electric Bridge, weak signal pre-positive and magnified circuit.   

Sun Yuan’s Active Isolation Amplifier gives good instant frequency response: 0-100HZ, it is out of question for the bi-directional DC signal being isolated, magnified and interchanged, while the passive type only works depending on two groups of external isolated power supply. When working, two groups of 5VDC benchmark power from the package can be supplied to the signal input and output, especially for the use of the external expanded circuit. Range of the Passive Amplifier’s Frequency Response: 0~40KHZ. The AC signal (0-5VAC) can be isolated, magnified and counterchanged as well.

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