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USB Connection/1394 Connection

       USB connection / 1394 connection isolated power supply

Special-purpose isolated power supply


USB connection / 1394 connection-----special-purpose isolated power supply


Sunyuan launched a new series of displays isolation module power that is a special-purpose isolation power supply module for the USB connection and the IEEE1394 connection. Its primary function is provide stable +5V, +10V, 5V contour precision isolation power source for the USB connection and IEEE1394 connection through using the interior DC power source installed in some electronic insrtruments such as PC machines, digital VCR machines after transforming the DC power source through the MR series isolation module. Because of the sufficient power supplied by connection power source and constant invariable voltage, it can guarantee every connection works stably and prevent the grounding circulation and the signal string harasses under the conditions such as the variation load, the overweight load, the data high speed transmission, the undulatory electrical network. Many USB connections and the IEEE1394 connections equipped the MR series isolation module power source may simultaneously use and support various connections the heat insert pulls out function (namely use as soon as inserting). Because the input of the MR series isolation module designed using the width voltage scope (4.5-36VDC), it can be suit for all common interior electric power supply of the electronic installation. The SMD structure, the metallic shield outer covering and the gold-plated PIN foot, satisfy the EMC anti-electromagnetic interference, - 45-+85 degree technical grade ambient temperature request and the RoHS environmental protection instruction. The output of the MR series isolation module power source is 2W-30W.

The technology of designing the MR series isolation module power supply product and application premise:
At present, the commonly used IEEE1394 connection, also called "the firing line" connection, is a high speed, the short distance data transmission swap agreement. Now, this connection is comparatively generally called DV connection. Because 1394 is a pure digital interface, it cannot create the signal loss. So far, the IEEE1394 main line is the quickest high speed serial main line. The highest transmission speed is 400Mbps/s. It can supports hotly inserts pulls out function (namely immediately use as soon as inserts), the same as the USB connection. The standard 1394 connections can transmit the numeric video signal and the numeric tonic train signal simultaneously. The 1394 technology has not any signal loss on the process of returning record and gathering compare with the simulated video connection. Therefore, the digital camera transmits the contents in digital photograph belt to your personal computer through the 1394 ports. Then, you can carry on the image edition by utilizing all kinds of video frequency edition software.

The USB is stand for Universal Serial Bus. It has two standards: USB 1.1, USB 2.0. It has become the main connection way in MP3. USB 1.1 is the more universal USB standard at present. Its transmission speed high up to 12Mbps. The USB 2.0 standard is evolved from the USB 1.1 standard. Its transmission speed has achieved 480Mbps.

The main difference between the two lies in their own application: the USB 2.0 mainly uses in the outside connection; The IEEE 1394 mainly locates in the sound/video frequency domain. It used for producting electronic installations, such as digital VCR, DVD, digital television and so on. In future, USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 can be coexisting on many expense class systems; for instance, the present new Apple Computer and some PC computer have these two kind of connections simultaneously.
The new style DV machine, the digital sound machine and the PC machine input/output connection has generally designed the USB connection or the IEEE1394 connection. Each USB connection or IEEE1394 connection needs a bigger electric current and several groups of stable +5V/+10V/5V isolation voltages when they work. SUNYUAN MR series isolation module power source product is designed according to the international IEEE1394 agreement standard and the USB technology standard and the application premise.

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