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ISO-RMS-P-0 Isolation Amplifier

GENERAL DESCRIPTION                                                                                             


In general, the voltage-meter is used to test DC voltage signal, while by adding an AC/DC conversion circuit for AC signal testing. Currently, the AC voltage-meters prefer to use a simple average value response AC/DC Converter to decrease the cost and predigest the circuit. The common used average value response AC/DC Converter is of that a semi-wave or full wave line commutate type composed by operational amplifier and diode. This design features high accuracy and linearity as well as its low cost and simplized circuit design. But the disadvantage is that only can be applied to the application of testing standard sine wave voltage under no distortion, and error will occur if test the distortion sine wave. Furthermore, it is also not applicable to test square, rectangle, triangle, saw-tooth, and trapezium and ladder wave on account of the testing results is not in accordance with the fact.


The RMS Isolation Amplifier is designed to meet the requirements of electronic testing at the application where need high accuracy testing of various wave as above mentioned. The core component of RMS Isolation Amplifier is the highly integrated module, and it is configured and designed upon high accuracy amplifier and latest D/S calculation techniques. It can be used to test any type voltage or current wave without considering waveform or distortion. Above all, the RMS Isolation Amplifier features high accuracy, high linearity, wide dynamic current range, quick frequency response, and comprehensive testing applications. In addition, the product is easy to be used with only a few external components linked.



l        Wide Signal input 0-1KHz

l        200mV AC or DC Small Signal Conversion.

l        High Linearity (Non-linearity<0.2%)

l        3-Port Mutual Isolation 1.5KVAC among Input, Output and Auxiliary Power Supply

l        Auxiliary Power Supply: 12VDC, 24VDC

l        Accuracy: 0.1, 0.2

l        International Standard UL94-V0 Package

l        Flaming Retardant

l        24 PIN DIP Package or DIN Rail

l         Temperature Range: -45C to +85C


l        Analog Signal or Data Acquisition and Isolation

l        Measurements of AC or DC Signal RMS

l        Ground Loop Elimination

l        Measurements & Instrumentations

l        Transducer Signal Transmitting and Receiving

l        Long Distance Signal Transmitting

l         Signal Converter in Industrial Application



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