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New Products:Electomagnetism Isolated products

SUNYUAN has produced Electomagnetism Isolated products,Our old products belong to linear photoelectrical isolation,new products belong to electromagnetic isolation.

General parameter:                                                          

 Low cost,small size,SIP 12 anti-fire UL94V-0 package

  No external component,needn’t “ZERO”and “adj” adjustment.

  Three-port (power/input/output) isolation:3000VDC

  Assistant power:5VDC/12VDC/15VDC/24VDC

  0-75mV/0-2.5V/0-5V/0-10V voltage signal or

0-10mA/0-20mA/4-20mA current signal isolation and transfer

  Temperature range: -45~+85

 In EMC(electromagnetism disturb) circumstance need adopt shield measure.


   SUNYUAN ISOEM series is electromagnetic isolation mixed IC,it is made of isolated DC/DC converters and electromagnetic isolation signal amplifier,it is ideally suited for no special need about EMC(electromagnetism disturb) Compare to photoelectrical isolation,it can not be used in strong electromagnetism,so clients need adopt shield measures,it can reach 5000VDC insulated. Sunyuan  ISO EM series it is very easy to use,no external components are required.

Products style:weldable to PCB directly and DIN 35 1x2 or DIN35 2x2 Rail-Mounted      

0-5V/0-10V/0-75mV/0-2.5V/0-1mA/0-10mA/0-20mA/4-20mAisolated signal of international standard signal input and output

   Accuracy grade:0.1/0.2,Extremely high linearity in whole process(non-linearity<2%), needn’t “ZERO”and “adj” adjustment..




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