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DC-DC Converter
  Fixed Input, Isolated and Unregulated Output
  Fixed Input, Isolated and Regulated Output
  Wide Input, Isolated and Regulated Output

· Isolation Amplifier
  DIN Rail-mounted
Energy Economized and Anti-Explosion
Power Two wires Inductor (16-21.5VDC)
High Accuracy (0.1, 0.2, 0.5) within 4-20mA
High Linearity (Non-linearity<0.2%)
Low Cost, Miniature, 4-20mA Signal Input
International Standard SIP 12 Package
Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
 ISO 4-20mA-F  

Two Wires 4-20mA Isolation Amplifier: ISO 4-20mA-F


l  Direct to use without any external components linked.

l  Two Wires

l  Energy Economized and Anti-Explosion

l  Power Two wires Inductor (16-21.5V)

l  High Accuracy (0.1, 0.2, 0.5) within 4-20mA 

l  High Linearity (Non-linearity0.2%)

l  Low Cost, Miniature, 4-20mA Signal Input,              

l  International Standard SIP 12 Package, Flaming Retardant.

l  3KV Isolation 

l  Frequency Response (small signal bandwidth): 2KHZ (Io=20mA)            

l  Temperature Range: -40°C~+85°C


Typical Application:

l  Two Wires 4-20mA Signal Isolation, Transmission and Power Distribution.

l  PLC, DCS Local Analog Signal Isolation.

l  Industrial Local Bus 4-20mA Signal Isolation, Anti-Explosion and Transmission Interference Elimination

l  Analog Signal Ground Loop Isolation and Interference Elimination.

l  Analog Signal Remote Transmission With Little Distortion.

l  Instrumentation and Measurement Signal Sending, Receiving and Isolation Controlling.

l  Electric Power Monitoring,

l  Medical Equipment Isolation Safety Bar.

General Description:

ISO 4-20mA-F is a kind of two wires 4-20mA-signal isolation amplifier. Inside the IC contains signal modulate-demodulate and isolated coupled circuit, the high efficiency DC-DC circuitry as well. The IC supplies 16V-21.5VDC to the two wires embedded power, offering the function of the two wires inductors signal testing, transmitting and isolation. The IC output is especially designed according to series 24VDC and sample resistor (or load resistor) two wires power supply loop (Anti-Explosion Function), which is also compatible to the popular analog interface, PLC, DCS or other measurements input interface. To meet the requirements of 3KVDC isolation, the wider operating temperature range, humidity and quiver, we adopt the fully SMT ceramic PCB, printed resistor techniques and the latest techniques. ISO 4-20mA-F series products are easy to be used, and is simple to realize the function of two wires 4-20mA-signal isolation, transmission and interchanging without any external components linked.

Fix up: PCB Soldering or DIN 35.

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