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DC-DC Converter
  Fixed Input, Isolated and Unregulated Output
  Fixed Input, Isolated and Regulated Output
  Wide Input, Isolated and Regulated Output

Isolation Amplifier
  DIN Rail-mounted
Isolated 4-20mA signal transmission
Input / output no external instrument needed for power supply
4-20mA high accuracy of current input/output (distortion<0.2%)
Industrial wide temperature(-45~+80)
(7.532V)Wide range of input voltage
High linearity(nonlinearity<0.2%)
 DIN 2*2ISO 4-20mA Signal Loop  

DIN2*2 ISO 4-20mA Current Loop Isolation regulator belongs to SUNYUAN 4-20mA series, it provides signal receive and transmittal on a single chip. The ceramic hermetic hybrid package contains an electromagnetic coupled converter and current modulate. The very low input equivalent impendence allows the input voltage up to an ultra-wide range (7.5V~32V), so that it is able to meet the requirements for no distortion in long-distance signal transmission under the circumstance of no external instrument need for power supply. The internal ceramic PCB, printed impendence and new isolation technologies allow the IC for the 3KVAC insulated voltage and meets the industrial level for the extremely poor temperature, humidity and shaking conditions. DIN2*2 ISO 4-20mA series can be used conveniently without any external instruments. It can meet the requirements for 4-20mA current loop isolation or signal isolation.


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