Sunyuan new product: ISOS AD210 series general-purpose multifunctional high-precision isolation amplifier

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SunYuan  The ISOS 210AD series analog signal isolation amplifier is a magneto-electrically coupled hybrid integrated circuit in a low cost, small footprint standard single row SIP12 Pin flame retardant package. The module integrates multiple isolated DC/DC converter circuits and magnetoelectric coupling signal isolation converter circuits, which only need to select a single DC 5V/12V/15V/24V power supply to complete the analog signal input/signal output/auxiliary power supply three-terminal isolated amplification and conversion functions, and support single-ended and positive and negative bidirectional DC signal input and output. The ISOS 210AD is designed to be fully functional and uses a non-fixed gain approach. The input signal is amplified by the input preamplifier (gain of 1-100) and then enters the internal modulator for modulation. The non-fixed gain input amplifier is convenient for users to configure and use flexibly according to the field working conditions, and users can achieve variable gain applications through external feedback gain resistors, etc. The modulated signal is transmitted to the output side through transformer coupling and demodulated by the demodulation circuit and then amplified.The module's triple-isolation design structure allows the device to meet the signal input, signal output, and auxiliary power supply completely isolated by interrupting the ground loop and leakage path measures to suppress common mode voltage and noise to improve measurement signal accuracy and integrity, making it ideal for single-channel or multi-channel analog signal isolation and amplification conversion applications. The ISOS 210AD uses a magneto-electric coupling low-cost solution, mainly for applications with no special requirements for EMC (electromagnetic interference). In addition to supplying power to the internal amplifier circuit, the internal DC-DC isolated power supply can also provide a set of ±15V/±5mA unregulated isolated power supplies to each of the input and output for two-wire sensor power distribution or to provide reference power for input preamplification, signal biasing, differential circuits, and bridge circuits. The products are capable of meeting the requirements of automotive-grade field environments with humidity, vibration, and a wide temperature range of -40 ~ +125 °C.

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