Isolation Amplifier|Isolation Transmitter|4-20mA/|0-10V analog signal isolation amplification conversion

  • 21、ISO EM U(A)-P-O Series Magnetically Isolated Active Analog Signal Triple Isolation Amplifier Transmitter

  • ISO EM series isolation amplifier is a magnetically isolated hybrid IC, which integrates a multi-isolated DC/DC converter power supply and a set of magnetically coupled analog signal isolation amplifiers on the same chip. It adopts a low-cost solution of magneto-electrical coupling, and is mainly used in occasions where there are no special requirements for EMC (electromagnetic interference). Special use occasions should pay attention to increase the electromagnetic interference suppression circuit.

Zero and Gain Free Analog Signal Triple Isolation Transmitter Amplifier: ISOEM U(A)-P-O Series


       ISO EM Series 4-20mA to 0-5V Isolation Amplifier Isolation Transmitter ICs are hybrid integrated circuits that convert (sensor output) analog voltage or current signals through isolation to match accuracy and linearity. The product is mainly used for industrial control system in the analog signal input and output control, sensors and instruments, PLC signal transmission process of isolation and amplification conversion. System internal through the DSP, PLC DA conversion output signal to display and control other devices adjustable output, on-site work voltage, current and a variety of operating parameters of the monitoring and the system external to increase the 4-20mA (0-20mA) / 0-5V standard signal interface, and so on. The IC is a standard Sip12 Pin UL-94 compliant flame retardant package that occupies less PCB board area. It can be installed in parallel to realize the monitoring, isolation and conversion of multiple signals.

   ISO EM series products are integrated with a multi-isolated DC/DC converter power supply and a set of analog signal isolation amplifiers, input and output side of the wide creepage distance and the internal isolation measures so that the chip can reach 3000VDC isolation voltage (6000V or 10,000V isolation products need to refer to the other product specifications), the product is very easy to use, free of zero and gain adjustment, without the need for external potentiometers and other components, you can achieve the isolation of industrial field signals to achieve the function of the conversion.

Product Selection Examples

Example 1: Signal input: 0-5V; Signal output: 0-5V; Auxiliary power supply: 24VDC.

Model No.: ISO EM U1-P1-O4

Example 2: Signal input: 0-10V; Signal output: 0-20mA; Auxiliary power supply: 12VDC.                                       

Model No.: ISO EM U2-P2-O2

Example 3: Signal input: 4-20mA; Signal output: 0-5V; Auxiliary power supply: 5VDC.                                       

Model No.: ISO EM A4-P3-O4

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