Matching scheme of passive analog signal isolation transmitter for the site
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Guide:Passive, in terms of electronics, it means that the circuit can work when there is a signal without adding power to the circuit,devices that can work without a power supply we are usually called it to passive devices,Passive components commonly used in circuits are mainly diodes, resistors, inductors and capacitors.The devices in the circuit that require an external auxiliary power supply to work normally are called active devices. Active devices are generally used to isolate and amplify signals, convert and transmit, and so on.,our commonly used active devices are triodes, power amplifiers, signal transmitters, isolation amplifiers, field effect transistors, thyristors and other devices.According to the current industrial Internet's matching needs of various sensors, transmitters and PLC, DCS systems in the industrial field, Sunyuan Technology has launched a series of low cost, small size passive (no external auxiliary power supply) analog signal isolation transmitters Solutions are provided to sensor and instrument manufacturers and industrial Internet system integration design engineers for selection. The following recommend several new two-wire 4-20mA output passive analog signal isolation transmitter optional technical solutions, for manufacturers and industrial Internet system integration engineers on-site application reference.

Plan 1: The selection plan of passive type DC unidirectional voltage and current, electronic ruler displacement resistance signal to two-wire current signal isolation transmitter .
Passive displacement resistance signal (ISO R-O), analog voltage signal (ISO U-O), analog current signal (ISO A-O) they are the smllest volume and low cost of passive loop-fed analog signal isolation transmitter IC in the dustry. This IC has a unique high-efficiency signal coupling transformer loop feeding technology, which provides power to work through the subsequent current output loop feeding mode, without the need for external working power supply.The IC is matched with sensors, instrumentation, PLC/DCS in the design scheme, can adapt to various specifications of analog voltage, current or displacement resistance signal input, and amplify the active signal of industrial field two-wire/three-wire/four-wire general sensor After conditioning and isolation and transmission, it outputs 4-20mA/2-10mA/4-12mA/4-8mA/12-20mA and other two-wire analog current signals with various parameters.
The core components in the technical solution: passive displacement resistance signal (ISO R-O), analog voltage signal (ISO U-O), current signal (ISO A-O) The transmitter is designed as a high-precision, small-sized standard SIP12 Pin flame-retardant IC package , It adopts a unique magnetic isolation coupling method and high-efficiency post-feeding technology, which can realize DC voltage, current, one-way signal and angular displacement, electronic ruler, potentiometer and other analog signals to the two-wire loop feed current The precise isolation conversion of the ring signal matches the standard analog input ports of various types of instruments (such as PLC, DCS, FCS).The core products of the solution include small-volume IC package PCB board mounting and DIN35 standard rail-mounting. The DIN rail-mounting method can realize signal 1-In&1-Out, 1-In&2-Out, 1-In&3-Out, and 2-In&2-Out for industrial sites. Output, four-way, eight-way, and sixteen-way signal isolation conversion function, users can choose technical solutions according to site needs.

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Plan  2: Passive low-cost, small volume two wire 4-20mA (0-20mA) current loop analog signal isolation solution

Two-wire passive ISO 4-20mA (SIP12 Pin package) and ISOS 4-20mA (SIP7 Pin package) 4-20mA current loop signal isolator. It is a passive signal isolation module with 4-20mA (0-20mA) current signal input at the front stage and 4-20mA (0-20mA) current signal output at the rear stage.The solution uses a unique electromagnetic isolation mode and high-efficiency input loop power stealing technology, which effectively solves the dependence of the transmission current signal isolation between the instrumentation and the sensor on the power supply, and realizes the 4-20mA (0-20mA) standard signal High precision and high linearity isolation.In the scheme design, the passive signal isolator obtains energy from the current loop of the sensor, and outputs an active 4-20mA analog signal after isolation to drive or control instrumentation, PLC, and DCS devices.The core products of the solution include small volume IC package PCB board mounting and DIN35 standard rail-mounting. DIN rail mounting can realize multiple signals the isolation conversion function such as 1-Input&1-Output, 2-input&2-output,and 3-input&3-output for industrial sites , the user can choose the scheme according to the needs of the site.

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Plan 3: Passive low-cost, small-volume two-wire 4-20mA loop-fed analog signal isolation power distribution solution
ISO 4-20mA-F (SIP12 Pin) and ISOS 4-20mA-F (SIP7 Pin package) 4-20mA current loop signal isolation distributors are two-wire loop-powered isolation modules. Through the post-feeding mode, the front-level two-wire equipment is supplied with power, and the 4-20mA current signal output from the two-wire equipment is received. After the module is isolated, the 4-20mA current signal is output for the sensor to work.This solution adopts a unique electromagnetic isolation mode and high-efficiency post-feeding technology, which effectively solves the dependence of current signal isolation on the power supply, and realizes the accurate isolation transmission of standard signals of 4-20mA, which can be connected to two-wire with various instruments. Control loop power supply analog input ports (such as PLC, DCS system, etc.) to match.

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Plan  4: Passive low cost, small volume analog voltage signal to two-wire 4-20mA current signal V/I conversion and isolation transmission solution

ISO V-4-20mA (SIP12 Pin) and ISOS V-4-20mA (SIP 7Pin) passive V/I conversion analog signal isolation transmitter,which is a voltage input, two-wire current output loop power supply signal Isolate the transmission module.Provides a set of 5V (3mA) functional expansion power supply to the input terminal through the feeding mode of the rear-stage current loop to supply power to the front-end equipment, and receives the voltage signal output from the front-end equipment, and outputs a standard 4-20mA voltage signal after isolation by the module. Wire current signal.This solution uses a unique electromagnetic isolation mode and high-efficiency post-feed technology to achieve precise isolation conversion from voltage signals to 4-20mA standard signals, and can be matached with the analog input ports of various instruments (such as PLC, DCS systems, etc.) 

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Plan 5: I/V conversion and isolation transmission scheme of passive low-cost two-wire 4-20mA current to analog voltage signal

ISO 4-20mA-O series (SIP12 Pin package) two-wire passive 4-20mA to voltage signal isolation converter, which can isolate the input active 4-20mA current signal and convert it into a voltage signal I/V conversion output. This solution uses a two-wire input loop power supply mode, unique high-efficiency signal loop power stealing technology, no external working power supply is required, which greatly simplifies the user's design and reduces user wiring costs.The module contains current signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, power inverter circuit, subtraction circuit, buffer processing output circuit, etc. The small input equivalent resistance enables the product to be from the sensor signal output loop Collect the current signal, and can reach the voltage drop ≤ 10V when the 20mA signal is input. In order to meet the needs of users to realize long-distance and distortion-free transmission and conversion of signals without external auxiliary power.

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Plan 6: Passive low cost, small volume two-wire 4-20mA current loop isolation conditioning and transmission solution

ISO 4-20mA-E (SIP12 Pin package) and ISOS 4-20mA-E (SIP7 Pin) two-wire passive 4-20mA analog isolation conditioning controller,The input active 4-20mA current signal can be converted into an isolated passive control signal output, which is used to control the two-wire loop power supply (explosion-proof method) 4-20mA current loop to realize sensor signal acquisition and analog input interface active load The on-site matching effectively solves the problem of power conflict between the collected active 4-20mA current signal and the receiving port of the two-wire current loop power supply loop.This solution adopts high-efficiency loop power stealing technology, no independent power supply is needed, and it is very convenient to use. Users can adjust the potentiometer for ADJ correction.

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Plan 7: Passive low cost, small volume two-wire PWM signal to analog signal isolation transmission scheme

ISO D-O1 series (SIP8 Pin package) is a passive type PWM pulse width modulation signal isolation and conversion to a two-wire 4-20mA transmitter IC,The IC's working mode is to receive the PWM signal output from the front-end equipment through the current loop feeding mode of the subsequent stage (output end), and output the corresponding 4-20mA standard two-wire current signal after isolation conversion. The PWM pulse width transmitter solution is designed as a SIP8 Pin (single row 8-pin in-line package) small-volume PCB board welding installation method, The IC contains a high-speed isolation conversion circuit for signal coupling, a precision reference voltage source switch control circuit, a low-pass filter circuit, a drive amplifier circuit, a VI conversion circuit, etc. It has high PWM signal conversion accuracy, good linearity, and a wide output loop power supply voltage range ( 12-36VDC) and other characteristics.The high-integration process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the core components in the program to achieve: signal input and output 3000VDC isolation, and can meet the requirements of industrial-grade wide temperature, humidity, and vibration on-site harsh working environment.

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Plan 8: Passive two-wire Pt100/Cu50 thermal resistance temperature measurement signal loop feed isolation transmission scheme

ISO ZW-O1 small size (12-pin single in-line IC package SIP12 Pin) low-cost passive two-wire 4-20mA loop-fed thermal resistance signal isolation transmitter, mainly used for three-wire, four-wire or two-wire system Pt10 / Pt100 / Pt1000 or Cu50/Cu100 temperature sensor signal collection, isolation and transmission,The solution is used in the temperature detection of industrial sites, and the temperature signal collected by the thermal resistance sensor can be converted into a linearly proportional standard 4-20mA current signal output according to the amount of change, ISO ZW-O1 adopts the electromagnetic isolation mode and the patented technology of high-efficiency post-feeding invention. It can realize the precise isolation conversion from the temperature signal output by the thermal resistance sensor to the 4-20mA standard signal without an independent power supply. It can be used match with various types of commonly used signals. The analog input ports of instruments (such as PLC, DCS system, etc.) directly .The IC includes signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, high-efficiency DC-DC boost circuit, signal zero point, full-scale calibration circuit, Pt100 thermal resistance linearization, long-line compensation, interference suppression circuit, etc. The output circuit has a wide power supply voltage range (12-36VDC), high conversion accuracy, and good linearity. The full scale and zero point can be adjusted and calibrated on-site by the user through an external potentiometer.

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Plan 9: Passive two-wire AC (AC) current and voltage signal to 4-20mA analog signal isolation transmission scheme
DIN ISO AC-O1 series AC to DC (AC/DC) passive two-wire signal isolation transmitter is an isolation transformer that can output the DC standard 4-20mA current signal according to the linear proportion of the measured AC current and voltage Sender. Equipped with corresponding indicating instruments or delivered to the DCS/FCS system directly to realize the system's measurement and control of AC voltage or current.
The output of this module is designed for the two-wire power supply circuit connected in series with 24VDC and sampling resistor (two-wire instrument). It is matched with the analog input interface board (host computer), PLC, DCS or analog input port of other instruments commonly used in the industrial field.High-efficiency loop power stealing technology is selected in the scheme design without the need for independent power supply,the adopted two-wire loop power supply output mode can save two power cords, which greatly simplifies the user's system scheme design and reduces the user's wiring cost.

In the scheme design, the working power circuit of the indicating instrument, PLC or DCS in the system is fully used to completely isolate the input circuit device of the signal from the output detection control loop, which improves the reliability and stability of the system operation, and fully guarantees and improves The safety factor of equipment and staff, so this program is widely used in the fields of electric power remote monitoring, electric power instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial automation and so on.

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