Low Power Isolation Type DC-DC High voltage Power Supply Module:GRS Series
Product Category: High Volt. Regulated Output DC-DC
Input: 5V/9V/12V/24VDC,2:1 wide voltage range Output: 50V/100V/110V/150V/200V/300VDC
Power: 1-3W Isolation Voltage: 6000VDC
Package: SIP 7PIN Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: 6KV high isolation DC boost module power dc dc converter
Product Description
Product Features:
● Low cost and small volume SIP 7Pin flame retardant package which meets UL94V-0 standard
●6000VDC high isolation between DC boost module power input and output
●2: 1 DC wide voltage input range, isolated regulated DC high voltage output
●Output voltage: 48VDC ~ 400VDC for optional
●Output power: 1W ~ 3W for optional
●High-voltage output&circuit output with self-recovery short-circuit protection
●Efficiency up to 60% ~ 78%
●Industrial temperature range: -40 ~ + 85 ℃
Product Description:
Sunyuan the newest developed GRS series isolated high voltage module dc-dc conveter with low cost ,small volume & wide voltage input. it is a high isolated regulated DC-DC high voltage converter in the industry and can be operates in a wide range of unstable voltage input environments. Also can generate isolated and stabilized DC high voltage output through the internal adjustment circuit of the module.The new GRS series item adopt SIP 7Pin (single row 7 pin) small volume modular design, makes the product have higher DC / DC conversion efficiency with low cost integrated technology solution,The wide creepage distance and the design of new isolation material technology solutions of this product's internal make this high-voltage module power supply have 6000VDC high isolation characteristics of input and output and self-recovery overload short-circuit protection regulated output function.The design of high isolation technology used in the module power supply can effectively isolate the influence of common mode interference from the primary terminal equipment on the control system and can also effectively isolate the ground loop current of the primary terminal and the secondary terminal or the high voltage potential difference between the ground terminal in the system The safety impact of equipment and personnel. The products are widely used in blood analysis of medical equipment, petrochemical industry, laboratory instruments, ultrasonic instruments, power meters, communication facilities and other fields. With good DC high voltage output characteristics and high withstand voltage isolation design technology can solve most of the user's application problems.
The latest developed GRS series item by SunYuan with low cost, small size, wide voltage input isolation high voltage module dc dc converter can be used in the following instrumentation equipmens: Accelerator, 3D printing, X-ray tube, X-ray analysis, energy dispersion, wavelength dispersion, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, chemical analysis electronic spectrometer,Automatic test equipment, capacitor charge and discharge, chromatograph, mass spectrometer, carbon dioxide laser, cathode ray tube, display, flight simulation experiment, detector, ray, microchannel plate, photomultiplier tube, insulation breakdown test, electron beam exposure, capillary Gel electrophoresis, protein extraction, DNA sequencing, electrostatic suction cups, copiers, coatings, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic precipitators, fume purification, air purification, electrostatic spraying (plastic spraying, paint spraying), image intensifiers, industrial color printing, luggage Inspection, food inspection, radiology, PCB inspection, nondestructive testing, thickness gauge, test tube, focused ion beam microscope for photomask repair, ion implantation, lithotripsy, medical imaging PET, MRI, medical oncology, X-ray medical CT, bone density Tests, chest radiography, magnetrons, klystrons, neutron generators, nuclear testing instruments, instruments, marine power supply equipment, electron microscopes, medical blood analysis, PM2.5 environmental monitoring, spectrometers, agricultural defogging and dew production, Pressure testing, surface analysis, water purification equipment ...Now Sunyuan Technology is stepping up efforts to improve the isolated high-voltage power supply product line to meet the growing needs of medical, industrial and scientific research industries.
Model and Definition:    
GRS Series and model examples:   (The bellow data is the detection value of the product after 8 hours of continuous full load aging)

Model Number Input voltage Vin(VDC) Output voltage/Current No-load power consumption (mW) Full load efficiency(%)
Nominal value Vin(VDC) Range Vin(VDC) Output current
Full load (mA)
Output voltage Vout(VDC )
GRS05048S-1W 5 4.5~9 21 48 300 62
GRS05100S-1W 10 100 65
GRS05150S-1W 6.7 150 63
GRS05200S-1W 5 200 62
GRS05250S-1W 4 250 63
GRS05300S-1W 3.4 300 62
GRS05400S-1W 2.5 400 61
GRS12048S-1W 12 9~18 21 48 300 68
GRS12100S-1W 10 100 71
GRS12150S-1W 6.7 150 72
GRS12200S-1W 5 200 70
GRS12250S-1W 4 250 71
GRS12300S-1W 3.4 300 69
GRS12400S-1W 2.5 400 68
GRS12048S-2W 12 9~18 41.7 48 300 70
GRS12100S-2W 20 100 76
GRS12150S-2W 13.4 150 78
GRS12200S-2W 10 200 75
GRS12250S-2W 8 250 73
GRS12300S-2W 6.7 300 72
GRS12400S-2W 5 400 70
GRS12048S-3W 12 9~18 62.5 48 300 73
GRS12100S-3W 30 100 78
GRS12150S-3W 20 150 77
GRS12200S-3W 15 200 75
GRS12250S-3W 12 250 74
GRS12300S-3W 10 300 72
GRS12400S-3W 7.5 400 73
GRS24048S-2W 24 18~32 41.7 48 300 71
GRS24100S-2W 20 100 76
GRS24150S-2W 13.4 150 72
GRS24200S-2W 10 200 69
GRS24250S-2W 8 250 68
GRS24300S-2W 6.7 300 67
GRS24400S-2W 5 400 68
GRS24048S-3W 24 18~32 62.5 48 300 73
GRS24100S-3W 30 100 75
GRS24150S-3W 20 150 74
GRS24200S-3W 15 200 72
GRS24250S-3W 12 250 70
GRS24300S-3W 10 300 68
GRS24400S-3W 7.5 400 65
Remarks: If you need other non-standard output voltage signal, please contact and confirm with sales
Technical Parameters and characteristics:

Project Working condition Min Typic value Max value Unit
Output regulated-voltage accuracy 1%-100% Load range   ±2   %
Load adjustment rate Nominal voltage input, load from 10% to 100%   ±1   %
Linear adjustment rate Input voltage range, full load   ±1   %
Ripple & Noise 20MHz bandwidth, parallel line test method   ±1   %
switch frequency Nominal voltage input, full load   200 400 KHz
Temperature Coefficient Nominal voltage input, full load   0.02   %/℃
stability After half an hour of booting, the hourly rate of change   0.001   %/Hr
Output short circuit protection Output short circuit Sustainable and Self-recoverable
Isolated withstand voltage Leakage current 1mA, time 60s   6000   VDC
Pin soldering temperature Welding point from the shell≥1mm, 10s   +300  
Insulation resistance Input/Output,500VDC,25℃,70%RH   500  
Working Temperaturer   -40   +85
storage temperature   -55   +105
Storage humidity No condensation     95 %RH
cooling method   Natural air cooling
Hot swap   Not support
MTBF MIL-HDBK-217F@25℃ 1000     KHours
Shell material   Plastic shell-PVC flame retardant material
Package size Length * width * height 19.6 x 9.8 x 12.0 mm
Weight     5   g
Shape dimension and pin function description

F1 Input fuse, slow blow type
MOV 14D220K Nominal 5V input voltage
14D390K Nominal 12V input voltage
14D560K Nominal 24V input voltage
F2 Output fuse, slow blow or optional (PTC) self-recovery fuse
C1,C2 47uF/25V Nominal 5V, 12V input voltage
22uF/50V Nominal 24V input voltage
L1,L2 2.2uH~10uH
C3 1uF~10uF
Remarks: If it is required to further reduce the input and output ripple, the parameters of the LC filter can be increased appropriately, but it should be noted that the external capacitor at the output cannot be selected too large and should be lower than the maximum capacitive load of the product.
一. The main parameter detection method of DC-DC module power supply products
Adopt standard Kelvin four-terminal input and rated load test (as picture)
Test conditions: room temperature TA = 25 degrees Celsius, temperature: less than 75% of nominal input and rated load.
     二. Reference method for reducing noise common mode interference in the use of DC-DC module converter.
            The module power supply will generate common mode and differential mode noise at the switching frequency. The way to reduce the text wave and noise is to add a passive LC or RC (large loss) filter network at the input and output ends. The self-resonant frequency of L is much higher than the switching frequency of the module. The current value allowed to pass is preferably selected to be more than twice the maximum input current of the module. The internal resistance should be small to reduce DC loss.
三.DC-DC module converter isolation withstand voltage test method
Safety precautions and conventional methods of product high voltage isolation test:
1、As show above picture 1: Set the rated high voltage value according to the product isolation voltage specifications. Please pay attention to personal safety when testing and beware of electric shock!
Test condition: room temperature TA = 25 ℃, humidity <75%
2、The operator of the withstand voltage test must wear rubber insulation (insulation voltage> 10KV) gloves, and place insulation pads on the workbench and seat floor to prevent high voltage electric shock. 
3、The pressure tester instrument must be reliably grounded and cannot be detected in a high temperature, humid and dusty environment.
4、When the withstand voltage tester is connected to the test object, it cannot be operated with power on, and the output voltage value of the high voltage tester must be zero.
5、When the instrument is in the startup state or the high voltage is not released, it must not touch the measured object, test line or high voltage test line and test fixture.
6、The product test method like above picture 1: all pins of the input and output terminals are connected in parallel, and the test is performed for 1 minute according to the isolation voltage value given by the product。
7、According to the test standard for withstand voltage, the withstand voltage value is gradually adjusted upward from 0. When the withstand voltage value is adjusted to the set maximum withstand voltage and maintained at the highest withstand value for one minute.
8、The pressure test itself is a destructive test. The fewer times the product should be done, the better. If the customer needs multiple tests, the general requirements are: the first measurement is based on the voltage value of the specification, and the voltage value should be reduced accordingly for each subsequent test, otherwise the product performance will be reduced or directly damaged.

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