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Super Slim Rail-mounted Active 4-20mA Loop Powered Converter-Controller DIN3 ISO 4-20mA-E series
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Input: Active 4-20mA Output: 4-20mA
Isolation Mode: Photo-electric Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
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Remarks: Super Slim Rail-mounted Active 4-20mA Loop Powered Converter-Controller-DIN3 ISO 4-20mA-E
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SUNYUAN Extra-small low cost standard DIN rail35 Package Two-wire 4-20mA Signal Isolated controller can convert active 4-20mA current signal into isolated passive controlling signal to control the two-wire powered (explosion-prevention method) 4-20mA current loop. The module achieves the matching between sensor signals acquisition and active load from analog input end, which effectively solves problems on the conflict between the active 4-20mA current signal and power supply of two-wire current loop input end. 
    DIN3 ISO 4-20mA-E series controller adopts high-efficiency stealing electricity technology which makes the IC can operate without independent power supply. And the two-wire loop powered output method used which largely reduces the costs for customers in installation. Inside the IC, there are current signal modulation circuit, magnetoelectric isolation transform circuit and signal reduction demodulation circuit,etc. The low input equivalent resistance makes the voltage value of the current signal from the sensor output loop arrive at 5~32VDC to realize the long-distance, non-distortion transmission of signals without external power supply. 
    The output of DIN3 ISO4-20mA-E Module is designed on the basis of the two-wire powered loop circuit of the 24VDC and sampling resistance (two-wire meter) which are parallelly connected, the output also matches well with the analog input terminals of the industrial equipments like analog input interface board (host machine), PLC, DCS, and other instruments and meters,etc. The module is convenient to use to achieve the isolation, transmission and acquisition of two-wire 4-20mA signal by add an external 10KΩ multi-turn potentiometer to do adjustment and meets the requirements that operating in industrial field wide temperature, humidity, vibration, etc adverse operation conditions.    
● Without external power, two-wire signal loop powered output. 
● Active 4-20mA, signal collection voltage (5 ~ 32V) extra-wide range input.  
● High precision grade (0.1, 0.2) in 4-20mA measuring range.  
● 4-20mA signal transmission with hight linearity (non-linearity <0.1%).  
● 3KV isolation between active 4-20mA input and output.  
● Active signal input, output can control the active load in current loop.  
● Industrial operating temperature range: - 25℃ ~ +70℃. 
● Two-wire active load signal control.  
● PLC, DCS site analog signal isolation and collection.  
● Ground wire current loop isolation and interference inhibition. 
● Matching sensor signal with analog input and output interfaces.  
● Sensor 4-20mA signal isolated collection, adaptation and transmission. 
● Analog signal data acquisition and long-distance transmission without distortion. 
● Electric meters and instruments, safety bar for medical equipments.

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