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Thermocouple Signal to RS232/485 SY AD 08T
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Input: J/K/T/E/R/S/B Types Thermocouple Signal Output:
Isolation Voltage: Communication Port:
Channel No: 8 Package: DIN-RAIL
Remarks: Thermocouple Signal to RS232/485
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SY AD08T Series Technical Parameter:
(typical @ +25℃,Vs is rated value)
Input: Thermocouple: J type: 0℃~760℃,K type: 0℃~1000℃,T type:-100℃~400℃,
       E type:0℃~1000℃,R type: 500℃~1750℃,S type:500℃~1750℃,B type: 500℃~1800℃
       (Input type can be set through software)
Accuracy: @+25℃ as shown in Table 1.
Input Imbalance: ±0.02 uV/℃
Temperature Drift: ±1 ppm/℃(±3 ppm/℃, Max.)
Input Resistance: 100 M Ω
Band width: thermocouple   -3 dB 3.27 Hz
Switching rate: thermocouple     3.76 Sps
Common mode restraint (CMR): 120 dB(1kΩ Source Imbalance @ 50/60 Hz)
Normal mode restraint (NMR):  60 dB (1kΩ Source Imbalance @ 50/60 Hz)
Input terminal protection: 240Vrms, sustainable
                           ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 transient protection

Cold Junction Compensation Sensor
Accuracy: @+25℃          ±0.25℃ (±0.75℃, Max.)
Accuracy: +5℃~+45℃     ±0.5℃ (Non-linearity ±0.0125℃/℃)
Communication:  RS-485 interface or RS-232 interface;ASCII character protocol and MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Baud rage(300bps、600 bps、1200 bps、2400 bps、4800 bps、9600 bps、19200 bps、38400bps)(can be set through software).
Address (00H~FFH)can be set through software
Response time: 100 ms Max.
Operation Power Supply:+8 ~ 50 VDC wide range power,internal anti-inverse connection and over-voltage protection circuit.
Power Consumption:≤1W
Operation Temperature:- 45 ~ +85℃         
Operation Humidity:10 ~ 90% (no dew)
Storage Temperature:- 45 ~ +85℃               
Storage Humidity:10 ~ 95% (no dew)                                    
Isolation Withstand Voltage: 3KVDC between input and output,1 minute,stray current 1mA, Output and power are common-ground
Endure Impact Voltage: 3KVAC, 1.2/50us(peak value)
Dimension:101 mm  x  23 mm  x  116.5 mm
Weight:about 120g

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