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Fixed input,6KV High isolation, Unregular Single Output G(H)xxxxS-1W
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Input: 5VDC,12VDC,24VDC,etc Output: 3.3VDC,5VDC,12VDC,15VDC,etc
功率: 0.2W,0.5W,0.75W,1W Isolation Voltage: 6000VDC
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Remarks: Fixed input,6KV High isolation, Unregular Single Output
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1W DC-DC Converter: Fixed input, Unregulated Single/Dual Output with 6KV High Isolation:
G Series: Fixed Voltage Input, 6KV Hight Isolation Positive & Negative Dual Output DC-DC Converter
H Series:  Fixed Voltage Input, 6KV Hight Isolation Single Output DC-DC Converter
Sunyuan Hxxxx-S series DC DC Converters has the following characteristics: small size, low cost, rated 1W output, high isolation, single output, PCB mounting,high realiability.
Sunyuan GxxxxD/S Series power converters has the following features: low cost, small size, high power density, high galvantic isolation, no heat sink required.

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