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Programmable LED Panel for Display Number Sy LED06
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Four bit LED display module SY LED06 

Low-cost modular design, easy to install on the transmitters, instrumentation
High accuracy: ± 2 word, 4-digital LED display
Adopt LED display, can be adapted to bright and dull environment
Embedded small size cabinet panel-mounted design, dimensions: 79 × 43 × 23 mm
Panel Mounting opening dimensions: 76.5 × 39.2 (+0.1) mm; Weight: 40 grams
Industrial Temperature Range: -40 ºC ~ + 85 ºC, with high reliability
Technical parameters
1,1)Power supply: DC power supply ripple ≤5mV, 5V,12V,15V,24V Optional Or     User-defined.
  2)When inputting 4-20mA, Donot need extra power supply. It can get it through 4-20mA current loop.
2, Input:0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 1 ~ 5V, 0 ~ ± 200mV, 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA or user-definable.
3, The working temperature range: -40 ºC ~ + 85 ºC
4, Relative humidity: 20% ~ 90% RH
5, Shock and vibration: meet the Ministry of Electronics Industry-standard environmental group II equipment requirements.
6, Panel display: Black background, character height 14.2mm (0.56 inches), the font is highlighted in red, the decimal point can be set.
7, Sampling rate: 2.5 times / sec
8, DRO display Setting range:
4mA: -1999 ~ 9999
20mA: -1999 ~ 9999
9, The polarity switching: When the value less than zero,it will display"-" ,when the value is higher than zero ,then no polarity symbol display.
10 Accuracy: full scale linearity deviation ± 2 words (relative to the 2000 specification).
11, The temperature error: ≤80PPM / ºC
12, Over range indication: "oHH" or "oLL".
13, Weight: 40 g; Dimensions: 79 × 43 × 23 mm.
     Panel Mounting opening dimensions: 76.5 × 39.2 (+0.1) mm.
Typical applications
sensor, transmitter operating status display
Industrial equipment operating measurement, monitoring and remote control
petroleum, chemical, environmental, mining control point monitoring system
temperature, pressure, flow, level signal monitoring shows
PLC, DCS system operation data acquisition and display
instrumentation, medical facilities, industrial equipment and product development
Since its establishment, Sunyuan Technology has been concentrating on the high-tech application research, the development and manufacture of Isolation DC-DC Converters, Signal Isolation Amplifier/Converter modules and Signal Data Acquisition Modules. The techniques applied are in accordance with the international standards and the products have acquired more than 10 certificates of Chinese patent and software copyright. All the products developed and designed by Sunyuan Technology operate well with the key electronic components used in new developing high-tech industry as rail transit, military equipments, national power grid, wind energy, solar power, electric vehicles in China and have high performance in the special operating conditions including industrial grade high/low temperature, shock, humidity and EMC interference,etc. The products are also widely applied to electric power system, telecom, instrumentations & measurements, medical equipments, industrial intelligent control, automotive electronics, security-monitoring system, military industry, etc.

1, The input signal and power can not be reversed, otherwise easy to damage the DRO.
2, Can not operate in wet and corrosive gas environments, otherwise it will reduce the life or completely damaged. 

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