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2-Wire 4-20mA 4-Digit LED Display Meter SY LED2
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2-wire 4-20mA Passive Intelligent Loop (LED) Display Meter
Embedded 2-wire Passive Programmable 4-20mA Loop (Four Digits LED) Display Meter
Model No.: SY LED2

2-wire 4-20mA Display Meter Features:
- Low cost modular design, easy to install in use. 
- 2-wire passive operation mode, no auxiliary power.
- High measuring accuracy, 4-digit display, ±2 digits.
- LED display panel, adapt to different lightness requirements.
- Small size, dimension 61.4X26mm (H.:17.7mm)
- Industrial operating temp.: -25ºC~70ºC, high reliability.

2-wire 4-20mA Display Meter Applications:
- Sensor, transmitter operating status display.
- Industrial equipment monitoring or remote control 
- Oil, chemical, environmental system monitoring. 
- Temperature, pressure, flow, level signal monitoring and display.
- PLC, DCS system operation data acquisition and display. 
- Developing meters & instruments, medical devices, industrial equipment. 

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