SunYuan New Product Capacitive Isolated High Precision Isolation Amplifier ISOC 124P

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SunYuan Technology is a national high-tech enterprise for 15 consecutive years. The company to "customer success, our value" as the business philosophy, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 2008 quality and technology management system, adhere to carry out improvement, improvement, innovation, and constantly improve product quality, reduce production costs, expand the scope of application of the product, and push the new research and development of new products. In order to adapt to the current electronic information technology before the rapid development of the situation and to meet customer demand for product development and innovation and upgrading.

SunYuan Technology has more than 10 years of experience in the design, production and application of DC-DC modular power supplies, data collectors, isolation amplifiers, isolation transmitters, display and control instrumentation, with more than 20 national patents and software copyrights for the whole series of products. The company's professional team of engineers in a more in-depth understanding and design knowledge, relative to competitors in the industry has an absolute advantage. For the need to solve the signal interference, signal load matching, ground isolation, power conversion, data acquisition, signal isolation, AD/DA conversion and other users to provide a large number of solutions. Shunyuan's raw materials used in each product device are beyond the predetermined specifications to design and produce high stability products, which ensure that the product in a variety of harsh environments to show good performance in the process of operation.

The ISOC 124P Analog Voltage Signal Isolation Amplifier developed in this project is a hybrid IC with capacitive coupling isolation. The amplifier uses a new modulation-demodulation capacitive coupling isolation technology. The signals in the module are transmitted digitally through the capacitive isolation layer, and the integrity of the signals is maintained through digital modulation and capacitive coupling isolation, allowing the digital signals to pass through the capacitive isolation layer can also provide excellent reliability and superior immunity to high-frequency transients.

ISOC 124P adopts the small volume standard DIP 16Pin flame retardant shell and resin material package, with the current market commonly used integrated module ISO 124P isolation amplifier Pin-Pin compatible. Module inputs and outputs only need to use an independent positive and negative power supply for the module power supply, you can complete the analog signal inputs and outputs signal isolation and amplification and transmission functions, and support for single-ended and positive and negative bi-directional DC signal isolation and transmission.

The ISOC 124P is simple to use and features a fixed unit gain configuration that requires no external components to operate. The module is available with a wide range of power supplies from ±4.5V to ±18V, and offers very high accuracy and linearity in analog signal isolation and amplification over the full range, with a maximum non-linearity value of 0.05% and a small signal bandwidth of 50kHz (-3dB). The products have IC module package and DIN35 standard rail mounting, can meet the humidity, vibration and wide temperature range of -40 ~ +85 ℃ industrial-grade field working environment requirements, in the rail voltage monitoring, generator or motor safety operation monitoring, power transmission and distribution remote monitoring, instrumentation and sensor signals sent and received, medical equipment safety isolation barriers, industrial robotics automation control, chemical and nuclear power equipment and other fields have a wide range of applications. Nuclear power equipment and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Detailed technical information:

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Industrial production in order to increase the load capacity of the equipment and to ensure that the connection of the same signal between the equipment does not interfere with each other, improve the safety performance of the electronic control, the need for instrumentation or sensor output voltage and current, frequency, resistance and other signals for the collection of arithmetic, isolation and amplification, conversion and transmission and de-interference processing, to get the industry's common standards of analog current or voltage signals, the safety of the secondary instrumentation or PLC / DCS / PC machine to use. Users using analog signal isolators / isolation amplifiers / isolation transmitters / data collectors and other products, sometimes encountered on-site signal matching, load matching, high-frequency interference, multi-channel signal tampering and other technical issues, or active and passive, 2/3/4-wire system, loop feeding and other selection and application methods. SunYuan Technology as a domestic senior analog signal technology applications R & D manufacturers, based on years of R & D production experience and technical service engineers widely collected industrial field of a variety of different environments under the feedback of the user's valuable opinions, on the premise of product performance is not affected by the gradual improvement of the technical indicators to improve the improvement at the same time, engineers on-site encountered some technical problems for the record, collection and organization, hoping to provide some technical references and field application solutions support. The majority of users to provide some technical reference and field application solutions to support. In the future, if we collect more solutions to technical problems, we will update the information in a timely manner.

1、Signal Isolator|Isolation Amplifier|Isolation Transmitter|Isolation Distributor|Isolation Conditioner|Isolation Safety Grid How to distinguish? How to choose the type?

Signal Isolator: The analog 4-20mA current signal or 0-5V voltage signal is directly isolated and transmitted, divided into active and passive types.

Active type signal isolator needs external auxiliary power supply, due to the support of external electrical energy, the signal will not be lost during the isolation and transmission process, and has a strong load carrying capacity.

0-±10V Signal Isolator, ISO EM U6-P1-O10 Reference:

Passive type signal isolator does not need external auxiliary power supply, generally using loop stealing technology, some loss of signal transmission, with load (≤ 350Ω) is weak.

4-20mA Passive Signal Isolator, ISOS 4-20mA Reference:

Isolation amplifier: Generally active type, it can isolate, amplify and convert analog 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V voltage signal.

Isolation amplifier needs external auxiliary power supply, due to the external electrical energy support, the signal in the isolation transmission process can be isolated, amplified, converted and will not be lost, through the active amplifier step by step amplification, you can drive some electric valves, micro-motors, and other devices with large loads.

4-20mA to 0-10V Isolation Amplifier, ISO EM A4-P1-O5 Reference:

Isolation transmitter: In addition to the general functions of signal isolator and isolation amplifier, it can also isolate and amplify Pt100/Cu50 temperature, frequency, displacement resistance, PWM, true RMS, rotational speed, differential signals, AC AC signals, and convert them into standard 4-20mA/0-10V analog signals or pulsed square wave signals.

Active type isolation transmitter needs external auxiliary power supply, due to the external electrical energy support, the signal will not be lost in the isolation transmitter, with strong load capacity.

Pt100 to 4-20mA Isolated Transmitter, ISO Z-W-P-O Information:

Passive type isolation transmitter does not need external auxiliary power supply, generally using loop stealing technology, signal transmission some loss, with load (≤250Ω) is weak.

0-75mV to 4-20mA Isolated Transmitter, ISOS V-4-20mA:

Isolated distributor: Some occasions of industrial control system use two-wire 4-20mA circuit feed transmission mode, in the primary instrumentation such as sensors, transmitters and other distribution of 24V power supply at the same time, but also to collect the primary instrumentation of the variable signals, and through the circuit to the secondary instrumentation or other equipment use.

4-20mA Loop Feeder Isolation Distributor, ISOS 4-20mA-F:

Isolation Conditioner: It is a special device for regulating the active signal of primary instrument and the electrified signal of the current loop interface, which is used for matching the sensor signal acquisition with the analog input interface. It can solve the problem of conflict between the 4-20mA active signal collected by the sensor and the charged signal of the receiving port of the two-wire current loop power supply circuit.4-20mA Current Loop Isolation Conditioner, ISOS 4-20mA-E:

Isolation safety barrier: commonly used in electric power instruments, medical equipment, rail transportation facilities and some other high voltage jeopardize the safety of people and equipment occasions. Product internal design of high isolation measures, so that the analog signal between the primary instrument and secondary instrumentation to achieve 6000VDC insulation voltage distortion-free transmission.

6000VDC analog signal transmission high isolation safety barrier, ISO EMH:

2、What is the load carrying capacity of passive signal isolator and active signal isolation amplifier and isolation transmitter?

SunYuan Technology produces passive signal isolator / signal transmitter: (0-20mA/4-20mA) current output type conventional products load capacity of conventional value of 250Ω, the maximum load value of 700Ω/24VDC, the specific parameters, please refer to the detailed technical information of each type of product. (0-2.5V/0-5VDC) voltage output type conventional products with load capacity should be ≥ 5KΩ.

Active signal isolation amplifier/isolation transmitter: (0-20mA/4-20mA) current output type products with a load capacity of conventional value of 350Ω, of which the maximum load value of magnetically isolated products 20mA output/750Ω, optoelectronic isolation type products with a maximum load value of 20mA output/600Ω. (0-5V/0-10VDC) voltage output type conventional products with a load capacity of ≥ 2KΩ. (Note: users can customize the output load capacity beyond the conventional value, or 0-500mA/0-1A high current special products). 2KΩ. (Note: users can customize the output load capacity beyond the conventional value, or 0-500mA/0-1A high current special products).

3、What is the working principle and function of analog signal isolator / isolation amplifier / isolation transmitter?

Principle of operation: the sensor, transmitter, PLC or instrumentation output analog signal modulated by electronic circuitry into a high-frequency carrier signal, through the optoelectronic coupling circuit or magneto-electric coupling circuit (I / I, V / V) isolation and transmission, and then through the demodulation circuit reduces analog signals or the original signal corresponds to one-to-one and after the conversion (V/I, I/V, V / F, F / V. Pt100 / V, PWM / I, RMS / V, R / I, S / I, etc.) other signals, while the power supply power supply inputs and outputs are also isolated processing, Pt100/V, PWM/I, RMS/V, R/I, S/I, etc.), and at the same time, the power supply, signal inputs and outputs are also isolated. So these devices can achieve the industrial field on the signal input, signal output, power supply ground between the 3000VDC triple isolation anti-interference requirements.

Device Function:

1. protect the control circuit of the upper computer back stage.

2. attenuate the influence of environmental noise on the test circuit, and be able to overcome the noise of frequency converter and all kinds of high and low frequency pulsation interference.

3. inhibit the public ground loop current and frequency converter, solenoid valve, thyristor and other pulses on the equipment interference, while the lower level equipment with a voltage limit, rated current function, is a transmitter, instrumentation, frequency converter, solenoid valve PLC / DCS input and output and communication interface of the faithful protection.

DIN35 series standard 35mm rail mount structure is easy to install, can effectively isolate: signal input, signal output and power supply and the potential difference between the earth.

4、What is the essential difference between passive isolation amplifier/isolation transmitter and active isolation amplifier/isolation transmitter?

Passive type signal isolation amplifier/isolation transmitter is essentially different from active type signal isolation amplifier/isolation transmitter:

Passive products can work without external power supply (also called auxiliary power supply or working power supply), and its working principle is to obtain energy from the signal circuit, and the power supply is strung in the signal circuit (i.e., the signal and power circuits share two wires). Passive signal isolation amplifiers/isolation transmitters are divided into input loop power supply type and output loop (also called loop feed) power supply type.

Active signal isolator needs to provide separate auxiliary power supply, signal input circuit, output circuit and power supply circuit can be isolated from each other. The common feature of passive and active products is that they can solve the problem of common ground loop current interference between sensors, instruments and equipment.

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