SunYuan the newest two-wire and passive analog signal current loop 10KV high isolation safety barrier
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    SunYuan ISOH 4-20mA is our the newest developed two-wire passive 4-20mA current loop isolation module in industry circles with the highest isolation voltage (10KVAC) and small size (16-pin single-in-line SIP16 Pin) &low-cost. This new product is a passive analog signal isolation hybrid integrated circuit of front-end 4-20mA current signal input and back-end 4-20mA output, IC internal including the current signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, etc. . This new product adopts the unique Sunyuan technology magnetic-electric coupling isolation and high-efficiency loop power take-off invention technology, which effectively solves the problem of dependence of the signal isolation circuit on the power supply during operation, and can realize high-precision, high-linearity 10KV anti-EMS high-isolation transmission of 4-20mA (0-20mA) signal between the industrial field sensors & instrumentation, PLC &DCS. The 16pin SIP small size (46X22X12mm) standard PCB mounting design can be embedded in the instrument panel, sensor, PLC and other operation control boards, which simplifies the user system design choice and reduces the volume and wiring cost.

    Sunyuan Technology takes "customer's success, our value" as the business philosophy, and adheres to the requirements of ISO 2012 quality technology management system, insists on improving, improving and innovating, continuously improving product quality, reducing production cost, expanding product application range, Introduce new research and development products. In order to adapt to the current situation of the rapid development of electronic information technology and to meet the needs of customer product innovation and upgrading.

    Sunyuan Technology has 16 years of experience in design, production and application of DC-DC converter, isolation amplifier transmitter, data acquisition and two-wire transmission meter. The company's professional team of engineers has an big advantage over competitors in the same industry in terms of deeper understanding and design knowledge. It provides a large number of solutions for users who need to solve signal interference, signal load matching, ground wire isolation, power conversion, data acquisition, signal isolation, AD/DA conversion. Sunyuan's raw materials for each product are designed to produce high-stability products beyond the predetermined specifications, which guarantees good performance in a variety of harsh environments.

    ISOH 4-20mA adopts Sunyuan's unique electromagnetic isolation coupling technology, which does not require independent power supply and has a small input equivalent resistance inside, which makes the input voltage of the IC reach an ultra-wide range (8.5~32VDC). The technical products can be directly connected in the two-wire 4-20mA or 0-20mA working circuit of industrial field PLC, instrumentation and sensor, physical transmitter and other devices, and can achieve 4-20mA signal anti-interference isolation, long-distance distortion-free transmission without external auxiliary power supply.. The integrated process and new technology isolation measures inside the product enable the input and output ports of the device to achieve a high isolation insulation voltage of 10KVAC and can meet the harsh environment requirements such as wide temperature, humidity and vibration in the industrial field. The products are IC module package and DIN35 Rail-mounted packaging, It is widely used in track voltage monitoring, generator or motor safe operation monitoring, power transmission and distribution remote monitoring, instrumentation and sensor signal transmission and reception, medical equipment safety barrier, industrial intelligent control, nuclear power equipment and other fields.

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