FXXXXD-1W/3W module power supply product information update
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F series FXXXXD-1W/3W 3KVD isolation 0.1W-3W unregulated single output DIP14-pin package, 3KVDC isolated unregulated single output DC/DC module power supply. Output power: 0.1W ~ 3W. This low cost&small volume power supply module is mainly used for power supply isolation of digital interfaces such as RS232/RS485 and CAN bus in the power meter and medical instrument industry. It is also widely used in industries such as security camera fast ball monitoring, PLC, DCS, MCU, and computer 485 interface intelligent control.
In view of the uneven bottom of the package of 2W/3W DIP14 Pin products reported by users, considering that the volume of the isolation transformer used in 2W/3W products is larger than that of 0.1W-1W, the original PVC shell is small in size, and now it is selected. It is packaged in a small shell and is compatible with the original product's pin size and pin function.
Input Voltage:                     
5V/9V/12V/15V/24V DC
Output Voltage:
3.3V/5V/9V/12V/15V/24V DC
If you need to other specifications, please consult Sunyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Electrical characteristics:
Unless otherwise specified, the following data are all measured at TA=25°C, nominal input voltage, and rated output current.
Input characteristics:
voltage range                                               +/- 10 % , (Vin)
Filter                                                           Ceramic capacitors
Isolation characteristics:
Rated voltage               Different electrical circuit isolation withstand voltage 3000 VDC, long time
Leakage current                                           1 m A
Resistance                                                  109  Ohm
Capacitance                                               60 p TYP.
Output characteristics:
Voltage accuracy                                        +/- 5 %, (Vout)
( 20 MHz FW) Ripple and noise               150 mV p-p,TYP
Sustainable short-circuit time                    immediate(<1s)
Linear voltage calibration                          +/- 1.2 % / 1.0 % of Vin
Load voltage calibration                            +/- 8 %, load = 20 ~ 100 %
Temperature Coefficient                            +/- 0.02 % / °C
General characteristics:
Effectiveness                                             70% to 85 %
switch frequency                                       60~ 125KHz
Environmental characteristics:
Working temperature (environment)        - 40° C to + 85° C
storage temperature                                  - 55 °C to + 125 °C
Decrease Fixed value                              See the temperature characteristic graph
humidity                                                  ≤ 90 %, Uncompressed
cooling method                                       Natural air cooling
Volume characteristics:
DIP Package size                                   20.32 x 10.16 x 7.1 mm (0.1W~1W)
                                                               22.8 x 10.16 x 8.6 mm (2W~3W)
Weight:                                               2.5 g~3.5 g
Shell material:                                      Non-conductive flame-retardant black plastic
Detailed technical information:

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