Dual-loop isolated output dc dc converter (power meter 485 interface dedicated isolated dc converter): VDH series
Product Category: High Isolation Anti-surge and Anti-static DC-DC
Input: 3.3,5,9,12,15,24V etc Output: ( +/-,+/-) duble isolation:3.3,5,9,12,15VDC
Power: 1-2W Isolation Voltage: 3000VAC
Package: SIP12 Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: Electric meter high isolation power module.
Product Description

VDH double isolated dual output dc-dc converter: VDHXXXXH-1W/2W series products, with 3KVAC isolation, wide voltage input, 8KV antistatic, self-recovery overload and short circuit protection, regulated dual isolation dual output function. The VDH series products are designed according to the national new safety regulations of the medical and electrical instrumentation industry. The products are 4KVAC pulse group isolation between input and output, and 2KVAC isolation between output 1 and output 2, each output is increased. 8KV anti-static and self-recovery overload short circuit protection.

Typical application of DC-DC converter , voltage polarity conversion, selection of external filter capacitor, overload short circuit protection circuit and series and parallel use are described in detail. Proper use can extend the life of the product, avoiding interference, overheating, self-excitation, poor start-up, and irreparable damage.

Shape and PCB layout size reference:
The pin form of VDH series product package and PCB layout is selected according to customer's    specific requirements. 
Packaging way二:

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