Low Power Intelligent Programmable Control Voltage/Current (Quad LED) Digital Display:SY LED6
Product Category: Intelligent Current Signal LED Display Meter
Input: 4-20mA,0-20mA,0-5V,0-10V Output: Customized
Power: -- Isolation Voltage: --
Package: Panel embedded Traffic Watch: times
Remarks: Low Power Consumption Voltage Current LED Display Meter
Keywords: Low Power   Intelligent   Programmable   Control   Digital Display  
Product Description
Low Power Intelligent Programmable Control Voltage/Current (Quad LED) Digital Display:SY LED6

● Low cost module design, easy to be embedded
into other meters and instruments.
● High measuring accuracy, 4 byte display,
±2 digit.
● LED display panel, can be used in different
lighting conditions.
● Small size: 79x43x23mm
● Cut-out size: 76.5×39.2 (+0.1mm
Weight: 40g
● Industrial grade temperature range: -40
℃ ~
+85, high reliability.

● Sensor, transmitter operation status display.
● Industrial equipment operating monitoring,
measurement and remote controlling.
● Oil, chemistry, environment protection, mining
system monitoring.
● Temperature, pressure, flow, level signal monitoring
and display.
● PLC, DCS system operation data acquisition and
● Meters & instrument, medical devices, industrial
controlling device design.

SunYuan SY LED6 Digit display meter is a current voltage meter with wiring socket used in transmitter
measuring circuit. It can display current voltage signal (0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V, 0~±200mV, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, etc
signal) in linearity and in decimal base based on the pre-setting range.
That LED display meter operates in equal and stable brightness and its LED panel is driven by constant
current. It has reverse polarity and over current protection circuit, and widely used in temperature, pressure,
flow, level signal controlling and monitoring system in industrial site, oil industry, environment monitoring,
mining industry, etc. Usually, the temperature sensor, pressure sensor, flow sensor, level sensor signal are
converted into standard voltage current signal, and then connect it into that LED meter to display the sensor
signal to make it easy to monitoring and controlling.
There are two types of connection: 2-wire passive connection, it is applied for 4-20ma signal, no external
power supply required. 3-wire active connection, it is applied for 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 0-20mA, etc signal,
external power supply required, the power supply can be 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V. There is 2 buttons on the
backside of the panel meter; it is used to set zero, span, decimal points, alarm, delay, etc parameters.
The input signal and the digits displayed are in linearity. For example, input signals 0-10V, the panel display
0-1000, the linear relationship: 0V displays 0, 5V displays 500, 10V displays 1000. If input is 4-20mA current
signal, the LED panel displays 40-200, the linear relationship is 4mA displays 40, 12mA displays 120, 20mA
displays 200. The max. display range is 9999, the min. display range is -1999.
SY LED6 LED Display meter has alarm function and 2-channel isolation switching quantity output, and
can display, control, alarm output signal synchronously. That alarm function can be realized through
programming. There are 2 wielding pad preset for user, if alarm function required, user needs to add 2 pieces
of PC452 optical coupler. That LED meter has two alarm points, and positive, negative alarm direction setting.
The alarm points is set based on the digits displayed in the LED panel, when it alarms, the last decimal point
in LED panel is flashing, the alarm signal data output can drive the alarm unit of optical coupler. SYLED
external shell is ABS plastic shell, external dimension is 72x36mm, height or thickness is 23mm.

1. Do not do reverse connection between input and power supply, otherwise is may cause permanent
2. Do not use it in high humidity and corrosive gas conditions; otherwise it may affect the durability of the

Technical Specification:
1. Power supply: DC regulated power supply, rippl≤5mV, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V or other value.
Input signal is 4~20mA, no external power supply is required; it operates in loop powered mode.
2. Input signal: 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V, 0~±200mV, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, other customized input.
3. Operating temperature range: -40
4. Relative humidity: 20%90%RH
5. Shock vibration: in compliance with industrial ministry environment test II meters requirements.
6. Panel display mode: Red LED display, font height 14.2mm (0.56in), decimal point is settable.
7. Average sampling rate: 2.5times/second.
8. Digit display setting range:

9. Polarity conversion: lower than the ZERO value, it display “--”, higher than the ZERO value, it does not
display polarity symbol.
10. Accuracy: full range linearity error ±2 digits (relative to 2000).
11. Temperature influence error: ≤80PPM
12. Exceed the measuring range displays “oHH” or “oLL”.
13. Net weight: 35g. External dimension: 79×43×23mm. Panel cut-out dimension: 76.5×39.2 (+0.1 mm).

(Note: ZERO and SPAN value are related to input signal, eg.: input signal is 0-10V, the ZERO is 0V, SPAN is
10V; if input signal is 0~±200mV, ZERO is -200mV, SPAN is 200mV. The other signal inputs follow the same

Model Selection Table:

SY LED6- U(A)□ -P□- O8
Input voltage/Current

U10-5V A1
U20-10V A2
0-75mV A30-20mA
0-2.5V A44—20mA
0-±5V A50-±1mA
0-±10V A60-±10mA
0-±100mV A70-±20mA
U8: User-defined A8: User-defined

Power supply

P1DC24V P2
Display Value
DC15V P8: User-defined
O8: User-defined.

Model selection examples
E.g. 1: Signal input: 0-5V, display value: 0.0-50.0. Power supply: 24V
Model No: SY LED6-U1-P1-O8
E.g.2: Signal input: 0-10V, display value: 0.0-100.0, Power supply: 5V

Model No: SY LED6-U2-P3-O8
Note: If input signal is 4-20mA, no external power supply is required, the model no is SYLED6

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