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Mini low cost two-wire passive V/I conversion power distribution isolation transmitter IC:ISOS V-4-20mA
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Input: 0-5V,0-10V Output: 4-20mA
Isolation Mode: Magneto-electric Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC
Package: SIP7/ DIN3/ DIN35 Updated: 2018-10-12 14:41:59
Remarks: Mini low cost two-wire passive V/I conversion power distribution isolation transmitter IC
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The ISOS V-4-20mA product is designed as a low-cost, small-size standard SIP7 Pin flame-retardant IC package with signal modulation and demodulation circuitry, signal-coupled isolation converter, high-performance DC-DC converter, and V/I conversion. Circuits, etc. The output loop has a wide supply voltage range (12-36VDC), high conversion accuracy, and good linearity. The product is very convenient to use. The customer only needs to add a small number of peripheral devices at the input end of the product to realize the voltage signal distribution of the voltage sensor, the displacement potentiometer, etc., which need to provide the distribution type sensor and the bridge (weighing) detection circuit. The internal integrated process and new technology isolation measures enable the device to meet the requirements of 3KVDC insulation voltage and industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, and vibration.
ISOS V-4-20mA adopts Sunyuan's unique electromagnetic isolation coupling and high-efficiency loop stealing invention technology to achieve accurate isolation conversion of voltage signals to 4-20mA standard signals. The IC output is for 24VDC and sampling. The two-wire power supply loop feeding technology of the resistor (or load resistor) is designed in series, and the analog input interface board (host computer), PLC, DCS or other instrument commonly used in the current industrial field contains the analog load of the active load. The input ports match. The products are IC package mounted on the PCB, DIN35 standard rail installation and PIM panel embedded installation. The DIN rail type installation can realize multi-channel isolation transmission functions such as one-in-one-out, two-in and two-out, three-in and three-out, and the PIM panel embedded intelligent transmission table can realize 4-20mA signal isolation display and alarm control. A wide range of functions such as long-distance distortion-free transmission. Widely used in metallurgical mining, petrochemical, power equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation, new energy facilities and military research, users can choose the right products according to the needs of the site.

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